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AltWeekly Awards

2007 Cover Design Above 55,000

1st Place (tie): "The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much," "I Am a Camera," "Pitchfork Conquers the World" by Nick Vlcek , City Pages (Twin Cities)
1st Place (tie): "One Swill Game," "Brave New Town," "St. Louie Chop Suey" by Tom Carlson , Riverfront Times
2nd Place: "Bad Seed Awards," "Foie Wars," "These Could Be Yours" by Michael Shavalier , Miami New Times
3rd Place: "Screw Fatso," "Kick Me," "The Sexy Food Issue" by Sara Green , Philadelphia Weekly

2007 Cover Design Below 55,000

1st Place: "The Race Issue," "Be Your Own Luchador," "Welcome to the New Drug War" by Chuck Kerr , San Antonio Current
2nd Place: "Happiness is a Concealed Gun," "Murder in the City Beautiful," "Conventional Love" by Shan Stumpf , Orlando Weekly
3rd Place (tie): "Crosstook," "The Watchers," "Vote" by Oklahoma Gazette cover crew , Oklahoma Gazette
3rd Place (tie): "The Immigration Issue," "Overrated," "Guber-Land" by Matt Omohundro , The Texas Observer

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It's All Journalism: Time To Find New Revenue

This week's podcast features audio from Eric Bright's presentation at the 2015 AAN Conference in Salt Lake City: "Best be finding some new revenue, son." Bright is the vice president of e-commerce at Deseret Digital Media. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  It's All Journalism

AAN Wants Access to Public Officials' Emails

Government employees are increasingly using personal email accounts to conduct public business. When these records are accessed, they often show government misconduct. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  Legal News

AAN Joins Letter Asking for Charges Dropped Against Reporters Arrested in Ferguson

AAN was one of 39 media organizations who signed a letter drafted by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press asking St. Louis County prosecutors to drop charges brought against two reporters arrested during last year's protests in Ferguson, Mo. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  Legal News
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