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AltWeekly Awards

2000 Illustration Above 54,000

1st Place: Nazi Guards by Johanna Goodman , Seattle Weekly
2nd Place: Abe Lincoln Was a Fag--and Other 'Truths of Gay History' by Dale Stephanos , Boston Phoenix
3rd Place: Dirty Little Air War by Brian Stauffer , City Pages (Twin Cities)
Honorable Mention: My So-Called Stalker by Robert Meganck , Washington City Paper

2000 Illustration Below 54,000

1st Place: Mother vs. Murder by Sophia Naess , San Antonio Current
2nd Place: Christmas With Uncle Pucker, CityBeat and Other Holiday Disasters by Ryan Greis , Cincinnati CityBeat
3rd Place: The Evolution of Racism by Chris Martiniano and Mark Karcher , Gambit
Honorable Mention: Book 'Em by Charlie Powell , Metro Pulse

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AAN Joins Amicus Brief to Unseal Court Records

Court records are the meat and potatoes of the local accountability reporting AAN members engage in and excel at. (FULL STORY)
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It's All Journalism: FIU Students Report on Florida's Tidal Rise

Program puts students at the forefront of storytelling while pushing the boundaries of who teaches journalism, and who’s doing the teaching. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  It's All Journalism

Salt Lake City Weekly Honored by SPJnew

Writers took first place in several categories, including Best Reporter.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Honors & Achievements
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