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Radical Predictions

Emeritus natural resources professor Guy McPherson says the Earth's sixth extinction is already under way, we could see mass die-offs of humans and other species within 18 months and humanity has at best 10 to 20 years. What do noted climate scientists and authors think about these dire predictions?
Eugene Weekly  |  Ted Taylor  |  07-21-2015  |  Environment

Dirty Medicine

Butane hash oil, illegal pesticides, unregulated labs and a looming public health threat.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  06-29-2015  |  Drugs

The Members of Los Campesinos! Know How Lucky They Are

The music scene is clogged with performers desperately seeking stardom. So Los Campesinos! guitarist/songwriter Tom Campesinos! sees the irony in the quick rise of his group, which quickly earned buzz-band status even though none of its members actively sought it.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  04-06-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews