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Pop Music Plagiarism's Worst Offenses: A History

By Luke Winkie Nobody has written an original rock song since 1953, and the entire music industry is founded on...
Phoenix New Times  |  09-01-2014  |  Up On The Sun

Accepting Nominations: The Best Music Photographer in Phoenix

Concert photography isn't easy. While portrait and landscape photographers have the luxury of time and stable conditions, concert photographers must...
Phoenix New Times  |  09-01-2014  |  Up On The Sun

Charles Bowden Dead at 69

Charles Bowden died Saturday, August 30, at his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico, according to Tucson Weekly. The author...
Phoenix New Times  |  08-31-2014  |  Jackalope Ranch

Ferguson Cop Lies to Justify Tear-Gassing Protesters in Their Own Back Yard

A police officer who has been part of the militarized police apparatus holding down operations on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson is spreading lies about Ferguson protesters online.
Riverfront Times  |  Ray Downs  |  08-22-2014  |  Crime & Justice

Pro-Israel Propaganda: Elvis Style

A shoe-in for a spot on the worst movies of 2014 list, this poorly constructed slice of filmic propaganda, courtesy of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (the MJAA), is so unintentionally campy you can’t help but laugh.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  09-02-2014  |  Reviews

The Shortest Distance from Missouri to Los Angeles

Before Michael Brown was shot six times by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer about two weeks ago, no one ever thought much or even heard of this small community outside of St. Louis. No one considered the mounting problems of many small Midwest towns in red states like this one, who have suffered through the great recession with job losses.
Random Lengths News  |  James Preston Allen  |  08-22-2014  |  Race & Class