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  • Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3T8
  • Canada
  • Phone: (902) 422-6278
  • Fax: (902) 425-0013
  • Circulation: 23,000 (as of December 2011)
  • Audited By: Verified Audit Circulation
  • Publication Day: Every Thursday, the best day of the week
  • Market Served: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • National Advertising: In-house
There's more to know about Halifax than fiddle music and the pretty scenery. There are more active universities in Halifax than any other city in Canada. 21% of the population is under the age of 20. Shambhala Buddhism calls Halifax divine, and thousands of American Buddhist immigrants agree. Halifax filmmakers, musicians, artists, cartoonist make some of the best shit in Canada. Halifax was the first city to introduce the donair. Haligonians talk a lot about the weather but do nothing about it.

That's why there's The Coast.
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2010 Food Writing, Honorable Mention (Circulation Below 50000) by Andy Murdoch
2007 Ad Design, 1st Place (Circulation Below 55000) by The Coast staff
2006 Editorial Layout, 1st Place (Circulation Below 50000)
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