Creative Loafing (Atlanta)
  • 115 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW
  • Suite 301
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30303
  • Phone: (404) 688-5623
  • Fax: (404) 522-1532
  • Circulation: 90,038 (as of December 2011)
  • Audited By: Verified Audit Circulation
  • Publication Day: Every Thursday
  • Market Served: Atlanta Metropolitan Area
  • National Advertising: Voice Media Group
  • Publishing Group: SouthComm, Inc.
Creative Loafing Atlanta and its website are Atlanta’s leading sources of information about life in the city. The newspaper was founded in 1972 and reaches a total audience of more than 542,000. It is owned by SouthComm.
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2011 Arts Criticism, 1st Place (Circulation Above 50000) by Curt Holman
2011 Special Section, 1st Place (Circulation Above 50000) by Rodney Carmichael
2010 Photography, 1st Place (Circulation Above 50000) by Joeff Davis
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 18-34 (31%)
 35-44 (32%)
 45-54 (19%)
 54+ (18%)

 F: 49%
 M: 51%
Attended College:

Graduated College:
Occupation Professional/ Managerial:

Median Household Income:

Source: The Media Audit, Nov. 2012 - Jan. 2013


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Publisher Sharry Smith ---
Editor-in-Chief Debbie Michaud ---
Market Development Director Leigh Anne Anderson ---
News Editor Thomas Wheatley ---
Music Editor Chad Radford ---
Associate Food Editor Stephanie Dazey ---
Staff Photographer Joeff Davis ---
Online Producer Edward Adams ---
Staff News Writer Max Blau ---
Assistant Photo Editor Dustin Chambers ---
Art Director Wes Duvall ---
Digital Editor Ezra Morris ---
Ad Director Kerry Schneider ---
Operations Manager Kartrina Thomas ---
Operations Editor Alicia Wages ---

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