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Eugene Weekly's 84,000 readers pick up EW , they know they're guaranteed an engaging read that challenges the status quo and propels their active lifestyle.

Founded in 1982, EW has become an institution in Oregon's second largest city -- a happening university town that prides itself on small-town ambience and big-city tastes.

EW's award-winning journalists comb the area, looking for the hottest stories on everything from the environment to education, from pop culture to politics.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy EW's quarterly restaurant guide Chow! and special sections on festivals, music, wine, health, and travel.

Eugene Weekly claims to be the only non-metropolitan alternative newsweekly to service two flagship state universities: University of Oregon and Oregon State University.
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2007 Feature Story, 3rd Place (Circulation Below 55000) by Kera Abraham
1997 Illustration, Special Citation (Circulation Below 54000) by Tom Blazier



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Wage theft is committed in communities all over the U.S. Wage claims are made when workers don’t get overtime, when workers get break time deducted from their wages but don’t get their full breaks or when workers don’t get their last paycheck. Sometimes workers never get paid at all.
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Behold Old Yeller: Chatting with Lewis Black

America’s favorite hot-tempered comedian and social critic Lewis Black yells about everything from voter suppression and being a socialist to Oregon’s efforts to legalize recreational marijuana and the downfalls of the 21st century. Under Black’s flame, no topic, politician or village idiot walks away unscathed.
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