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Nearly Two Years After Jackson Free Press Story, Mayor is Indictednew

Mayor Frank Melton and two of his bodyguards have been indicted by a federal grand jury for demolishing an alleged "drug house" in Aug. 2006, a story first reported by the Jackson Free Press in Sept. 2006. "The three men were charged in connection with a conspiracy to tear down a private home in Jackson and thereby violate the civil rights of the owner and resident of that home," a Department of Justice press release reads. They are also charged with using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence. Melton, who is running for a second term, tells the Clarion-Ledger that he's "very disappointed, because I have worked so hard on fighting crime in this city."
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Jackson Free Press Editor Donna Ladd Talks About Race in Americanew

This year the high school in Charleston, Miss., held an integrated prom for the first time -- ending a system of parallel parties for black and white students. National Public Radio's Bryant Park Project covered the story after reading about it in the Jackson Free Press. "After we covered the story this week, a whole lot of people wrote in to say they were just plain shocked that any kind of segregation could still exist in this country," writes the show's web editor (and former Village Voice executive editor) Laura Conaway. She talks to Ladd about the story, the reaction, and where the conversation about race in America needs to go.
National Public Radio  |  06-16-2008  8:59 am  |  Industry News

Jackson Free Press to Launch Glossy Magazinenew

Boom Jackson will be an annual glossy celebrating "urban living, working and creating in Jackson," Todd Stauffer writes in his publisher's note this week. The magazine will be a joint partnership between the JFP and Downtown Jackson Partners, the Hinds County Economic Development District, the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau, and others.
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Film Up for Sundance Grand Jury Award Has Alt-Weekly Ties

Lance Hammer's Ballast, which will compete with 15 other films in the Dramatic Competition at this year's festival, has a certain familiar alt-weekly publisher in its credits. The Jackson Free Press' Todd Stauffer was production manager for the film, which is described by Sundance as "a riveting, lyrical portrait of an emotionally frayed family whose lives are torn asunder by a tragic act in a small Mississippi Delta town."
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Jackson Free Press Publisher's New Book is Out

Todd Stauffer's new paperback How to Do Everything with Your Web 2.0 Blog has just been released by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. Press materials say the book "makes it easy to choose the blogging tools that are best for you and master the basics of blog design and template manipulation."
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Alt-Weekly Columnist Taken Off Radio Show for Anti-Bush Commentsnew

Kamikaze was suspended indefinitely from the local talk radio program the Kim Wade Show this week for comments he made in a recent Jackson Free Press column, the paper reports. "Freedom of speech no longer exists in this country," Kamikaze says. "I don't know if I'm being singled out but its unfortunate that the station caved to some random callers who disagreed with my viewpoints." As a rebuttal, Kamikaze, who is also a hip-hop artist, has recorded a new song, "Take Me Away," which he calls an "open letter" to George W. Bush. It was posted on his MySpace page today.
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Jackson Free Press Blogs the James Ford Seale Trial

Jackson Free Press Press Release  |  06-05-2007  9:58 am  |  Press Releases

Jackson Free Press Chick Ball to Honor Domestic Violence Unit

Jackson Free Press Press Release  |  05-15-2007  8:40 am  |  Press Releases

Jackson Free Press Editor Subpoenaed in Mayor's Criminal Trialnew

Managing editor Brian Johnson is due in court this morning for pre-trial motions in the criminal case against Jackson Mayor Frank Melton, according to the JFP. Johnson was issued the subpoena (PDF file) by Melton's attorneys, as was a reporter for the daily Clarion-Ledger. This is not the first time the JFP has been called to court by the embattled mayor they've relentlessly covered: Editor Donna Ladd was subpoenaed in a previous trial last year.
Jackson Free Press  |  04-13-2007  8:33 am  |  Industry News

AAN Diversity Intern Uses Stereotypes as Motivationnew

"Being pregnant doesn't change the fact that there are issues in Jackson that I can bring to light through this newspaper," writes 19-year-old Melishia Grayson in her introductory column for the Jackson Free Press. Grayson is one of four recipients of AAN's Diversity Internship grants for the Winter/Spring 2007 cycle. The other grant recipients this cycle are Amanda Miller at Washington City Paper, Tuyet Nguyen at Westword, and Lauren Parajon at the Oklahoma Gazette. Established in 2001, the AAN Diversity Internship program awards four annual grants of up to $2,500 to talented young journalists of color.
Jackson Free Press  |  03-15-2007  3:59 pm  |  Association News

Mayor Dogged by Jackson Free Press Sent to Jailnew

Mayor Frank Melton of Jackson, Miss., was jailed yesterday for violating the terms of his probation that were established last fall after he pleaded guilty to three gun charges. Stories by the Jackson Free Press led directly to those gun convictions, and last month, the alt-weekly broke the news that Melton had violated his probation by breaking midnight curfew. The Jackson Free Press' coverage also led directly to five felony charges Melton faces in April for allegedly leading police officers and juvenile friends on a warrantless raid.
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Online Ad Firm Signs Six Alt-Weekly Clientsnew

Mediaspan, which calls itself "the leading provider of digital content management and national advertising solutions for over 4,000 local media properties," yesterday announced the addition of several new clients, including AAN members Philadelphia City Paper, Austin Chronicle, San Antonio Current, Salt Lake City Weekly, Arkansas Times and Jackson Free Press. "Our drive to deliver new, national revenue for our affiliate partners goes hand-in-hand with our goal of meeting the demands of national advertisers who want to reach a specific local audience, in markets large and small, across multiple types of media," says a Mediaspan executive. "Whether advertisers seek online display ads on newspaper websites, pre-roll video on TV websites or online radio audio streams, we can deliver."
Mediaspan Press Release  |  01-31-2007  3:19 pm  |  Industry News

Jackson Free Press Reporting Revived Klansman Casenew

The federal government announced today that reputed Klansman James Ford Seale has been arrested and indicted for the 1964 murder of Charles Moore and Henry Dee, two young black hitchhikers in Meadville, Miss. Following the announcement, AAN issued a press release noting that the Dee-Moore murder case gained new steam when Free Press editor Donna Ladd (pictured) and a team of young Mississippians first reported the news that Seale was still alive -- after the local Gannett daily and other media had previously reported he was dead. Ladd's series about the murders won an investigative-reporting award in last year's AltWeekly Awards contest.
AAN Press Release  |  01-24-2007  8:42 pm  |  Industry News

Jackson Free Press Editor Subpoenaed in Mayor's Trialnew

Jackson Free Press  |  11-13-2006  10:04 am  |  Industry News