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Ark. Governor: 'The Times Is Whining'new

Arkansas News Bureau  |  04-28-2006  6:48 am  |  Industry News

Governor Removes Arkansas Times From Media Listnew

"We don't consider the Arkansas Times a news organization," explained Gov. Mike Huckabee's spokesperson when she was asked why the newspaper had been taken off the e-mail list used to disseminate public information to the media. On the Times' blog, Editor Max Brantley writes: "The governor has decided to punish us for our opinions by withholding a publicly financed service. We don't think this practice can stand legal scrutiny and we intend to review our options in that regard." Huckabee (pictured) is widely considered to be a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency.
Arkansas Times  |  04-27-2006  8:21 am  |  Industry News

2006 AAN Convention to Be Held in Little Rock

With this year's convention in San Diego just over, the Arkansas Times is itching to bring the convention to Little Rock next summer. Why? "Rampant boosterism," says Alan Leveritt, the paper's publisher. "We love Little Rock, and we wanted to introduce our friends at AAN to her." (FULL STORY)
Lindsay Kishter  |  06-27-2005  4:33 pm  |  Association News

Family Hurt by Bush's Implication about Their Malpractice Suitnew

In a speech in Little Rock, Ark., President Bush used Sara McBee as an example of a doctor who stopped delivering babies because of rising insurance costs that were a "direct result of too many junk lawsuits." What he didn't mention is that McBee is the subject of a malpractice suit for allegedly making delivery-room mistakes that led to an infant's profound brain damage. The child's family is upset because they felt the president's remarks suggested that theirs is a frivolous lawsuit, Doug Smith reports for the Arkansas Times.
Arkansas Times  |  02-23-2004  7:41 pm  | 

Arkansas Gazette Still Deadnew

Arkansas Times  |  10-15-2001  7:51 am  | 

No-Fly Zone at Arkansas Democrat-Gazettenew

Arkansas Times  |  10-05-2001  11:39 am  | 

Arkansas Times Nabs Clinton Exclusive

AAN paper only local media granted exit interview. (FULL STORY)
Christine Iwan  |  01-22-2001  11:51 am  |  Industry News

Arkansas Times Puts Classifieds on Page Two

Conversion of Inside Front Cover is Bonanza for Recruitment Ads. (FULL STORY)
Cory Zurowski  |  12-21-1998  11:51 am  |  Industry News