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How Detroit is Becoming a Flashpoint for Violence Against Trans Womennew

A deep-dive into the stigma and prejudice keeping many trans women in a cycle of poverty and violence.
Metro Times  |  Allie Gross  |  02-26-2016  |  LGBT

Remembering LGBT Activist George Zandernew

Grieving friends and colleagues work to make sure the LGBT activist's legacy lives on.
Coachella Valley Independent  |  Brian Blueskye  |  01-03-2016  |  LGBT

Even With Legal Help, Transgender Prisoners Are Never Safe in Prisonnew

Rape in prison has been all too real for Samantha Hill. Over the years, she says, she’s been sexually assaulted numerous times, despite her persistent requests for protection
Westword  |  Melanie Asmar  |  08-19-2015  |  LGBT

The Walls Come Tumbling Downnew

When marriage equality became the law of the land the morning of June 26, I kissed my husband and went right back to work.
Jackson Free Press  |  Eddie Outlaw  |  07-24-2015  |  LGBT

Same-Sex Marriage Comes to Louisiananew

After the U.S. Supreme Court decision, New Orleans saw its first gay weddings.
Gambit  |  Kevin Allman, Jeanie Riess, Charles Cody Siler and Alex Woodward  |  07-06-2015  |  LGBT

Transgender Man Sues Tower Loannew

Tristan Broussard and his lawyers are locked in a legal battle over whether employers can force employees to dress based on a stereotype of birth gender.
Jackson Free Press  |  Zachary Oren Smith  |  07-02-2015  |  LGBT

The Next LGBTQ Battleground: The Workplacenew

Cary woman sues General Services Corporation over alleged discrimination.
INDY Week  |  John H. Tucker  |  07-01-2015  |  LGBT

N.Y. Schools Are No Haven for Transgender Youthnew

A recent report from the New York Civil Liberties Union says that discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming youth is pervasive in the state's public schools.
City Newspaper  |  Tim Louis Macaluso  |  07-01-2015  |  LGBT

A Long, Long LGBT Roadnew

Cameron Stewart and Amber Cameron have been together five and a half years. About a year ago, the couple had a backyard wedding ceremony with vows and commitments—but because they live in Mississippi they could not get a license. Now, however, the couple is anticipating that the U.S. Supreme Court may legalize same-sex marriage this month.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  06-17-2015  |  LGBT

Preserving Pridenew

For the past seven years, Tim Gold has collected more than 5,000 artifacts documenting the LGBT civil rights movement and the lives of LGBT people — enough items to fill a museum. And that’s just what he and supporters of the National LGBT Museum plan.
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Lisa Neff  |  06-08-2015  |  LGBT

New Millennial Passingnew

Bigotry is bigotry. Certain things shouldn't be tolerated, but allowing the speech promotes dialogue, which could shed light on the hate. Logical thinking will bring such ideologies to their knees and kill them.
Jackson Free Press  |  Deirdre Jackson  |  05-22-2015  |  LGBT

Compromise 'Religion' Bill Becomes Law in Arkansasnew

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed SB 975, a compromise version of the bill originally aimed at creating a religious pretext to discriminate against gay people.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley and Benjamin Hardy  |  04-02-2015  |  LGBT

Which Indiana Legislators Voted for RFRA and Where Do They Work?new

The Indiana General Assembly is a part-time legislature. Unless they are retired or independently wealthy, elected officials have a day job. Here's a list of many of the lawmakers who voted for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and their occupations, places of business and/or business affiliations.
NUVO  |  Amber Stearns  |  03-31-2015  |  LGBT

Transcendent Mannew

Trans man and activist Aydian Dowling uses viral stardom to shine light on trans issues.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  03-06-2015  |  LGBT

New York's Bravestnew

New York's bravest is trans FDNY firefighter Brooke Guinan.
The Village Voice  |  Irene Chidinma Nwoye  |  02-25-2015  |  LGBT

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