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How Metro Spun the January Smoke Deathnew

Documents obtained through an open records request show the agency and its consultants scrambling to respond to the January smoke incident—and, for some reason, keeping tabs on a critical Twitter account along the way.
Washington City Paper  |  Will Sommer  |  09-02-2015  |  Transportation

Crash Coursenew

Austin cabs try to survive in the era of Uber.
Austin Chronicle  |  Staff  |  08-07-2015  |  Transportation

Cyclyists Gear Up for Fight With Scott Walkernew

Wisconsin cyclists have ridden out the winter. Will lawmakers run them off the road?
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Lisa Neff  |  03-13-2015  |  Transportation

You may turn down rental car insurance and still pay for itnew

San Diego attorneys pursue case against Dollar Rent A Car after travelers turned down rental car insurance but still got charged.
San Diego Reader  |  Don Bauder  |  02-14-2015  |  Transportation

Walking in Worcesternew

The laws say pedestrians have the right of way. Reality tells us it is not always so black and white when it comes to cars versus humans on the streets. Some will tell you pedestrians bear as much responsibility as motorists when it comes to preventing the potentially tragic collision of metal and flesh. Drivers will, too, like the woman at a recent area crime watch meeting in Worcester who accused some pedestrians of purposely crossing the streets at a snail's pace.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  12-19-2014  |  Transportation

Faulty Data Leaves Wisconsin Taxpayers on the Hook for $1 Billionnew

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will waste up to $1 billion on unneeded highway expansions if it continues to rely on inaccurate, outdated highway-use projections, concluded a comprehensive traffic study by a nonpartisan watchdog group.
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Louis Weisberg  |  10-02-2014  |  Transportation

Uber’s Bumpy Start in New Orleansnew

During the nearly seven months it took to legalize the ride-sharing service Uber in New Orleans, the main argument in favor it was also a slam against the current New Orleans taxi industry: There aren't enough reliable rides in town.
Gambit  |  Jeanie Riess  |  09-30-2014  |  Transportation

"NOLA Needs Uber" — or does it?new

How the New Orleans City Council is planning to overhaul transportation laws and fees.
Gambit  |  Jeanie Riess  |  06-27-2014  |  Transportation

Hack Attack: Taxi vs. Ubernew

In Taxi vs. Uber, the drivers are sidelined says an ex-cabbie.
Chicago Newcity  |  Dmitry Samarov  |  06-04-2014  |  Transportation

Cycling to City Hallnew

Bike to Work Day's 20th anniversary shows how far we've come, but funding shortfalls show how far we have to go to create safe streets.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Steven T. Jones  |  05-08-2014  |  Transportation

Lyft brings peer-to-peer ride-sharing to Colorado Springsnew

It was almost 11 o'clock in the morning, and I wanted a burger — actually, it was 10:54 a.m. I know because that's when I pulled out my smartphone, hit the balloon-shaped app, and grabbed a Lyft...
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bryce Crawford  |  04-30-2014  |  Transportation

Covering Their Tracksnew

San Francisco's Central Subway project buries millions of dollars in a deep dark place.
SF Weekly  |  Joe Eskenazi  |  04-02-2014  |  Transportation

Trapped: There Are No Simple Solutions to Houston's Traffic Crisisnew

Houston traffic can be a nightmare and no amount of concrete or rail is going to fix that soon.
Houston Press  |  Jeff Balke  |  03-19-2014  |  Transportation

Why New Orleans Doesn't Have Ubernew

New Orleans resists alternatives to traditional taxi cabs.
Gambit  |  Jeanie Riess  |  02-05-2014  |  Transportation

The birth and future of sprawlnew

A different look at how metro Atlanta became the land of subdivisions - and where it's going
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Carlton Basmajian  |  10-24-2013  |  Transportation

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