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‘Hand-in-hand’: Poverty + Education Keep State in Last Placenew

Dr. Margaret Hagerman, a sociology professor at Mississippi State University, has researched how children perceive and understand wealth and inequality, and the results are insightful. The largest outcome of her study? Kids are aware that race, class and inequality exist.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  07-30-2015  |  Poverty

The Homeless Soldiernew

One veteran’s journey through poverty and how he found the road out.
NUVO  |  Amber Stearns  |  11-12-2014  |  Poverty

Mapping the Meal Gap in Indiananew

"Map the Meal Gap 2014," released by Feeding Indiana's Hungry, found that more than 1 million people, including nearly 346,000 children, don't know when or from where their next meal will come.
NUVO  |  Indiana News Service  |  04-29-2014  |  Poverty

San Diego and its nonprofits are in a pie fightnew

City and community groups battle over a shrinking pot of federal anti-poverty money.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Kelly Davis  |  03-27-2014  |  Poverty

Road to Nowherenew

Why a growing number of Cincinnatians struggle to break free from the cycle of poverty.
Cincinnati CityBeat  |  German Lopez  |  02-14-2014  |  Poverty

N.C. food insecurity is risingnew

North Carolina lawmakers form study committee to tackle issue of hunger, food deserts
INDY Week  |  Jane Porter  |  01-15-2014  |  Poverty

12 Ways Republicans Keep Screwing Over Poor Americans and Womennew

A dozen low-down, dirty, shameful ways the GOP makes it bad to be broke in 21st-century America.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Sasha Abramsky  |  11-15-2013  |  Poverty

Prescriptions for Povertynew

Children's Hospital Oakland and Highland Hospital are trying to shift the paradigm of urban medicine by tackling some of the root causes of illness — like the lack of housing and food.
East Bay Express  |  Sam Levin  |  11-07-2013  |  Poverty

The Best Food Money Can't Buynew

While most poor families get the world's leftovers, WHOA Farm grows organic food specifically to be given away.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Jessica Dur Taylor  |  02-27-2013  |  Poverty

College Graduates Dependent On Food Stamps Are On the Risenew

One percent of food stamp recipients have a graduate degree, a number that's tripled since 2007.
The Texas Observer  |  Sarah Angle  |  02-19-2013  |  Poverty

Making Solutions to Poverty Sticknew

It is easy to desire to help someone escape poverty, but it is harder than it might seem because they have to ultimately do it themselves.
Jackson Free Press  |  Donna Ladd  |  12-21-2012  |  Poverty

7 Poverty Triggersnew

There is a reason that blaming the poor for their plight is useless, not to mention offensive. It’s usually not their fault, especially if they stay poor for long.
Jackson Free Press  |  Donna Ladd  |  12-21-2012  |  Poverty

How Poverty Happensnew

If any societal issue is steeped in myth and misunderstanding, it is poverty.
Jackson Free Press  |  Donna Ladd  |  12-21-2012  |  Poverty

Building Assets: A Path Out Of Povertynew

Having a job that pays a living wage is only one aspect of lifting one's self out of poverty. Even when people have jobs, many are just one paycheck—or one medical emergency—from financial disaster.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ronni Mott  |  12-21-2012  |  Poverty

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