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'Blackbird' Resembles 'Rashomon' Except the Victim is a Childnew

A critical success in Edinburgh, London and New York, this Olivier Award-winning drama places characters Ray and Una in the filthy breakroom of Ray's employer for 90 minutes to air their dirty laundry.
Willamette Week  |  Ben Waterhouse  |  09-10-2008  |  Reviews

Roman Polanski Finally Gets His Due in This Penetrating Documentarynew

Polanski, in life, has been as fascinatingly enigmatic as his films, with a personal back-story capable of trumping even his most bizarre fictions, and now it's all dredged up in Marina Zenovich’s HBO documentary.
New York Press  |  Felicia Feaster  |  07-10-2008  |  TV

German Director Matthias Glasner Crafts a Remarkably Human Examination of Fear and Desirenew

While its first 20 minutes, which include a lengthy, brutal rape scene, suggest leanings toward artsploitation, the rest of the movie, released straight to DVD this week, is sober and completely uninterested in shock value.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Steve Erickson  |  07-01-2008  |  Reviews

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