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To defeat the Taliban we should be buying up Afghan cash crop, not destroying it.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  09-29-2006  |  International

Under the Burqa: Part 2new

Not long ago, it was illegal for a woman to be outside without a burqa and a male family member -- this has not changed in many rural areas, a fact that should be known by those under the impression that women of Afghanistan have been somehow liberated.
New Haven Advocate  |  Daniel Smith  |  09-26-2006  |  International

Under the Burqanew

Though the wearing of burqas is no longer enforced, and many women don't wear them, it is still the norm to see what look like ghosts floating down the street.
New Haven Advocate  |  Daniel Smith  |  09-18-2006  |  International

War and Piecesnew

Mercy Corps is in Lebanon for the long haul.
Willamette Week  |  Beth Slovic  |  09-13-2006  |  International

Death Underfoot: Part 2new

We go inside controlled demolition in Afghanistan.
New Haven Advocate  |  Daniel Smith  |  09-11-2006  |  International

Alive, From Lebanonnew

Transplants from Beirut find an uneasy peace in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Lex Chalat  |  09-11-2006  |  International

Death Underfootnew

Aldo Alderson and others are trying to remove landmines and other remnants of war from Afghanistan.
New Haven Advocate  |  Daniel Smith  |  09-05-2006  |  International

Nowhere to Hidenew

I have been in many wars, but nowhere had I seen destruction on such a massive scale as I saw this month in Lebanon.
L.A. Weekly  |  Teun Voeten  |  08-31-2006  |  International

Homo Hysterianew

The Senegalese media is in an uproar over a heterosexual delegate to the Outgames conference.
Montreal Mirror  |  Michael-Oliver Harding  |  08-28-2006  |  International

Starting Over in the Congonew

The war-ravaged nation doesn't need a miracle -- political stability from free elections will do.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  08-25-2006  |  International

The Forgotten Warnew

We touch down in Afghanistan, a land of warlords, dope and a resurgent Taliban.
New Haven Advocate  |  Daniel Smith  |  08-21-2006  |  International

Fork in the Roadnew

Will Israel's humiliation be a blessing in disguise or the start of an amped-up war?
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  08-18-2006  |  International

Down and Delirious in Mexico Citynew

At the fringes of the political clash that held the world's attention in early July, a mega-city lives on, slouching toward modernity and globalization.
L.A. Weekly  |  Daniel Hernandez  |  08-17-2006  |  International

Marching Under Missilesnew

Israeli peaceniks are bombed by taunts and eggs.
NOW Magazine  |  Adam Keller  |  08-11-2006  |  International

From Lebanon, With Lovenew

An Albuquerque peace activist is stranded near Tyre.
Weekly Alibi  |  Christie Chisholm  |  08-08-2006  |  International

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