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In Bad Hands With Auto Insurancenew

United Auto Insurance's practice of fighting every claim has created hardships for thousands who bought policies from storefront brokers.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Wyatt Olson  |  09-21-2005  |  Business & Labor

Convicted Rapist's Request for New Trial Turned Downnew

A rapist who figured in a Springfield police controversy says he felt pressured to plead guilty.
Illinois Times  |  Dusty Rhodes  |  09-02-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Touring the Prairie Statenew

Before writing the CD's 22 songs, Stevens buried himself in books, reading everything from Saul Bellow novels to out-of-print regional histories to familiarize himself with the state of Illinois, and he produced an emotionally authentic work of art.
Illinois Times  |  RenĂ© Spencer Saller  |  08-22-2005  |  Reviews

Law Aims to Shut Down Missouri's Meth Labsnew

New restrictions on sales of cold-medicine tablets that contain ingredients used to make methamphetamines may dry up mom-and-pop meth labs but could open the door to more organized crime.
Riverfront Times  |  Malcolm Gay  |  07-12-2005  |  Politics

Meditation Frustrationnew

Shining a light on inner demons proves hard work at a course at the Illinois Vipassana Meditation Center. But this method -- sometimes used to reform hardened criminals -- is said to be capable of alleviating all addictions and anxieties.
Illinois Times  |  Karen Fitzgerald  |  07-11-2005  |  Science

Liberty and Health Care for Allnew

Emergency physician David Gill deplores the fact that more than 45 million Americans have no health-insurance coverage. He's running for Congress, pushing for a single-payer plan.
Illinois Times  |  Mary Rickard  |  07-11-2005  |  Science

Acquisitions Prepared Pulitzer Inc. for Salenew

In the years preceding Pulitzer Inc.'s sale to Lee Enterprises, Pulitzer president and chief executive Robert Woodworth grew the company through strategic moves like buying a group of suburban St. Louis, Mo., papers. Second of two parts
Riverfront Times  |  Malcolm Gay  |  03-14-2005  |  Media

Super Bowl Sponsor Hosted Extremist Web Sitenew, the Scottsdale, Ariz., company that gave us the Super Bowl commercial with the curvy brunette, can take credit for making a different kind of impression. For weeks before the big game, hosted, an Islamic-extremist site.
Illinois Times  |  John Lasker  |  02-21-2005  |  Science

Adoption Fees Vary by Racenew

Many respected, licensed agencies openly charge significantly higher adoption fees for white infants than for children of any other race, making African-American babies available at a fraction of the fees charged for the adoption of white babies. Even the agencies know it's wrong.
Illinois Times  |  Dusty Rhodes  |  02-21-2005  |  Children & Families

Left-Wing Coalition Tries to Hit Sinclair in Pocketbooknew

The group, led by Media Matters for America, has launched a national letter-writing campaign to Sinclair Broadcast Group's advertisers that charges the company with misusing the public airwaves.
Illinois Times  |  Todd Spivak  |  01-10-2005  |  Media

Peace Activist Warns Students to Be Afraid...Very Afraidnew

Anti-nuke crusader Helen Caldicott tells Illinois Wesleyan University students that they live in a dangerous area, with a nuclear-power plant just 24 miles away.
Illinois Times  |  Todd Spivak  |  10-18-2004  |  Environment

Revisionist History: Dig Upsets Descendant of Freed Slavenew

A former University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign professor has denounced recent efforts to recreate what is considered the country's first town founded by an African American.
Illinois Times  |  Todd Spivak  |  07-15-2004  |  History

Boys Killed by Mortars When U.S. Raid Interrupted by Insurgentsnew

A Texas-based platoon's planned raid on a mosque goes wrong after soldiers spot a roadside bomb and are attacked by mortar rounds. Two Iraqi boys are killed. Terry Boyd's article and photos are reprinted from Stars and Stripes.
LEO Weekly  |  Terry Boyd  |  05-27-2004  |  International

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