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Rebel Women in Chiapasnew

A report from the Zapatista Women's Encounter.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  John Ross  |  01-09-2008  |  International

Former Spy Rejects al-Qaeda Theory in Bhutto Killingnew

Although the Pakistan government has blamed al-Qaeda for the assassination of the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, the former head of the country's national spy agency described it as a tactic to hide security lapses and to please the U.S.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gurpreet Singh  |  01-04-2008  |  International

Pakistan's Newest Martyr Was No Saviornew

Benazir Bhutto had too big a stake in the status quo to be a real force for democratic change.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  01-04-2008  |  International

Sarwat Husain on Benazir Bhuttonew

"Bhutto was America's puppet," the editor of Al-Ittihaad says, adding that there was no guarantee that had Bhutto won the election, she would have brought democracy to Pakistan.
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  01-03-2008  |  International

Mexican Court's Atrocities are a Warning for U.S. Justicenew

Anyone wondering what a truly rotten Supreme Court looks like could do worse than glance south of the border to Mexico, where the 10 most powerful justices in the land have just issued a travesty of a ruling in the case of a crusading journalist called Lydia Cacho.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Andrew Gumbel  |  12-14-2007  |  International

It's Peace or Apartheidnew

Israeli prime minister utters shocking truth that nation's options are screwed by demographics.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  12-07-2007  |  International

Haven and Hellnew

As Hugo Chavez grabs more power, three Venezuelans who fled death threats find their struggles don't end with asylum.
Miami New Times  |  Janine Zeitlin  |  12-03-2007  |  International

Friends of Brad Will Denounce Bush's Mexico-Aid Programnew

The plan is aimed at helping Mexico and Central America combat terrorism, international narcotics trafficking, corrupt local political bosses, as well as to disturb the operations of murderous drug cartels.
Illinois Times  |  R.L. Nave  |  11-29-2007  |  International

Mission to Caracasnew

Hugo Chavez snubs journalists at convention.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Bruce B. Brugmann  |  11-28-2007  |  International

Move Over, Bhuttonew

Corrupt pol thinks she'll save Pakistan, but it's lawyers who hold democracy's fate.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  11-16-2007  |  International

John Echeverri-Gent on Pakistan Crisisnew

The UVA politics prof compares situation to fall of Shah in Iran.
C-Ville Weekly  |  David Moltz  |  11-14-2007  |  International

Who Are the Cuban Five?new

We interview legendary civil rights lawyer Leonard Weinglass for more on the complicated history.
Shepherd Express  |  Michael Timm  |  11-12-2007  |  International

Malalai Joya Uses Words to Fight 'War on Terror'new

The former Afghan parliamentarian is crossing the country to demand that Canadian troops leave Afghanistan.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Angela Day  |  11-12-2007  |  International

The Dalai Lama's Superpower Dharmanew

A hate-on for George Bush is bad for the brain, says the globe's most devotional navigator of diplomacy politics.
NOW Magazine  |  Alice Klein  |  11-09-2007  |  International

Call to Palestinenew

Mustafa Barghouti says activist visits are the key to stopping extremism.
NOW Magazine  |  Glenn Wheeler  |  11-05-2007  |  International

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