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Proposed Arizona Budget Would Nix Funding for Child Care for About 13,000 Kidsnew

The GOP budget plan -- worked out behind closed doors and given almost zero public scrutiny before it was passed -- completely eliminates $30 million that pays for working moms to keep their kids in day care.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  04-05-2011  |  Policy Issues

Inside the Brutal World of America's Kidnapping Capitalnew

Phoenix, Ariz. is labeled the kidnapping capital of the U.S. because of people- and drug-smuggling out of Mexico. But it's the smuggled immigrants, not the general public, who overwhelmingly are the primary victims.
The Village Voice  |  Monica Alonzo  |  08-11-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Does U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke Have the Stones to Take on Sheriff Joe Arpaio?new

Will anything be done about Arpaio's possible violations of federal law? Everyone knows the Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating Arpaio, but will new U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke do anything about Arizona's rogue sheriff? History does not bode well.
Phoenix New Times  |  Stephen Lemons  |  11-10-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas: They're All About the Perp Walknew

Two weeks after the chaos of the Don Stapley arrest, the situation is clear: Maricopa County is captive to the whims of a police force all too eager to use its powers to harass its enemies and distract us from its manifold failures.
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  10-13-2009  |  Crime & Justice

A Border Project Faces Accusations of Lobbying Pressure and Wasted Moneynew

According to some critics, the push for consolidating services at the Nogales port comes from the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, a powerful trade group representing 125 produce dealers, brokers and distributors who import Mexican fruits and vegetables. Big money is at stake: In Nogales, produce has grown into a $2 billion industry.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  10-07-2009  |  Immigration

One Border Coyote and His Accomplice Have Been Captured and Released 35 Timesnew

The story the Popes tell opens a window on the world of alien- and drug-smuggling, and the criminals who operate within it. It also shines a light on a system that fails citizens in multiple ways, the most maddening being the number of times these crooks are set free to strike again.
Tucson Weekly  |  Leo W. Banks  |  09-16-2009  |  Immigration

Diagnosing and Treating Autism is Especially Difficult for Immigrant Familiesnew

Learning how to navigate the bureaucratic world of disability services and special education in Arizona is enough to drive a parent mad. Add the extra obstacles that lower-income, Spanish-speaking immigrant families face, and you've got a "heartbreaking" situation.
Phoenix New Times  |  Malia Politzer  |  09-15-2009  |  Science

One Arizona Sheriff Deals With the Challenges and Realities of Today's Bordernew

When Tony Estrada was a child in Santa Cruz County, there was no wall. Estrada misses those days. But when one is sheriff of a border county, there's not much chance for wistful melancholy.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  08-28-2009  |  Immigration

Joe Arpaio's Immigration Raids at Water Parks Are All Wetnew

Despite the hullabaloo and expectations after the controversial Legal Arizona Workers Act went into effect, Maricopa County still has not filed any sanctions in cases against employers, nor has any of Arizona's 14 other county attorneys.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin  |  07-14-2009  |  Immigration

Tensions Between Humanitarians and Federal Officials Rise Along the Bordernew

The humanitarians provide assistance, food and water to migrants. The feds mostly leave them alone to do so -- until recently, that is. Over the past couple of years, federal agencies have been putting more activists under the gun.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  07-08-2009  |  Immigration

A Moth that Devastates Prickly Pear Cactus May Be Headed to Tucsonnew

If Cactoblastis cactorum -- a wee but voracious South American moth whose larvae devastate the prickly pear cactus -- reaches Arizona, the consequences for the ecosystem would be dire.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  05-20-2009  |  Animal Issues

Trashing the Bordernew

Illegal immigrants dump tons of waste in the wilderness every day -- and it's devastating the environment.
Tucson Weekly  |  Leo W. Banks  |  04-02-2009  |  Environment

What Changes Will Obama Bring to the Border?new

As administrations change, many wonder whether a corresponding shift will occur within the Department of Homeland Security. There's plenty of speculation about whether that department's likely new leader, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, will pursue a change in border policy.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  01-15-2009  |  Environment

Arizona Leaders Dish Up a Homeland Security Wish Listnew

Many wonder whether even the politically facile Janet Napolitano can master the bureaucratic beast known as DHS.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  01-15-2009  |  Immigration

Metal Barriers Are a Southern Arizona River's Newest Inhabitantsnew

Conservationists say the public has a right to know specifically how the San Pedro River is being impacted by border security. They also know that public pressure is the only way to make that happen.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  01-02-2009  |  Environment

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