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Agencies Struggle to Help Returning Soldiersnew

For returning soldiers, the next battle is on the homefront.
Boise Weekly  |  George Prentice  |  09-06-2013  |  War

U.S. Vets Stand Downnew

At a Stand Down to provide a variety of services and goods for homeless and near-homeless veterans and their families, we visited some of the vets and asked about their thoughts.
NUVO  |  Nathan Brown  |  09-27-2012  |  Features

Citizen Action: An Army Vet Goes After the Officers Who Held Him at ICEnew

Imagine that you, as an American citizen, were plucked from normal life and taken to a detention facility for illegal immigrants. Now imagine that it took seven-and-a-half months for officials to figure out that—as you'd said all along—you were not only a citizen, but had honorably served in the U.S. Army.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  01-25-2010  |  War

Army Employee: Noose was Part of Effort to Make Me Quitnew

No one denies that Anthony Jackson saw a noose on an office desk while he was working at Fort Carson last winter. But his former co-workers say it was meaningless, a fun knot to tie that was never meant as a threat to anybody.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Anthony Lane  |  10-22-2009  |  Race & Class

Playing Armynew

Developers are making a killing on Full Spectrum Warrior, the latest U.S. Army-commissioned video game. As a training tool, though, it blows.
Seven Days  |  Ken Picard  |  10-12-2005  |  War

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