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David Lineal Reaches Out to Illinois' Beleaguered Governor in Songnew

The frontman of the local pysch-pop band Bird Names recorded For the Love of Rod, a bizarre song cycle celebrating the governor, in 2005. He gave CD-Rs to a few friends, but the music never saw a proper release. Within hours of Blagojevich's arrest, though, he'd posted it as a free download on the Bird Names site.
Chicago Reader  |  Liam Warfield  |  12-22-2008  |  Music

Touring the Prairie Statenew

Before writing the CD's 22 songs, Stevens buried himself in books, reading everything from Saul Bellow novels to out-of-print regional histories to familiarize himself with the state of Illinois, and he produced an emotionally authentic work of art.
Illinois Times  |  RenĂ© Spencer Saller  |  08-22-2005  |  Reviews

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