AAN Convention: Look Who's Coming to NOLA

may 26, 2011  12:34 pm
AAN Convention: Look Who's Coming to NOLA
Photo: Beadmobile
When AAN members convene in the pleasant July sunshine of New Orleans, they'll be joined by distinguished panelists from Facebook, the Knight Foundation, and J-Lab.

They'll be presenting in these three recently added sessions:

Facebook and Social Journalism
When it comes to journalists using social media, Twitter has been the go-to platform for real-time reporting and reaching out to sources, largely because it’s a public platform and most of its content is accessible. But with Facebook continuing to scale (more than 500 million users) and in some ways becoming more public, it offers journalists an arsenal of content types beyond 140 characters and an alternative destination to connect with new sources of information. So, it may be a great tool, but where do you start? Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook’s newly appointed Journalism Program Manager, will break down the journalistic functions of Facebook into an easy-to-digest presentation catered to alternative newsweeklies.

Innovation Showcase
Join Knight Foundation’s Jose Zamora and Knight News Challenge winners as they demonstrate the innovations designed to bring news and information to communities in new ways. These tools are free, open and available for your use.

How Smaller Gets Bigger
Andy Pergam, J-Lab, Moderator
There's much to be learned from recent experimentation in Philadelphia. By collaborating on enterprise reporting projects through a J-Lab award, more than a dozen news organizations, indie startups and alternative press had greater impact working on stories together than they might have had on their own. Traditional competitive barriers are starting to crumble and residents are better off because of the reporting, which was all achieved for a relatively small amount of money. One of the participants, Technically Philly, is also leading the way as a new type of news organization. The three founders have mastered the art of covering a niche community, throwing large scale events (like the first-ever Philly Tech Week) and providing consulting services to clients. This powerhouse panel will explore mutually beneficial partnerships and how you can begin to diversify your organization's distribution platforms.
Won't you join us too? AAN members that register by May 27 can bring their entire staff to the convention for just $499 and stay at the fantabulous Ritz Carlton New Orleans for only $139 per night.