Announcing the 2013 AAN Awards Finalists

may 22, 2013  03:00 pm
Announcing the 2013 AAN Awards Finalists
Every year AAN honors the reporters, artists, columnists, photographers, web producers, editorial assistants, creative directors, and editors of the alternative news industry who stubbornly refuse to do anything but kick ass, week after week, regardless of what the conventional narrative says.

The finalists of the 2013 AAN Awards show that alternative journalism is thriving in places like Spokane, Nashville, and Colorado Springs, as well as in bigger cities from Chicago to Los Angeles to Miami.

They aren't afraid to call out a Texas statehouse for its assault on women's health or to expose a corrupt Nassau County police force. They tell stories that are communal and intensely personal, bizarre and heartbreaking. They go where others fear to tread, and sometimes risk violating interstate commerce laws just for the sake of a good brew. They give voice to those who are often ignored and those have gone silent.

And they tell these stories in creative, unexpected formats, with stunning detail.

The finalists below were selected as the most outstanding from a field of over 900 entries submitted by alternative publications across the U.S. and Canada. The finalists were chosen by judges at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, who had the daunting task of reviewing each entry and selecting the best of the best.

The winners will be announced during a reception on July 13 at the AAN Annual Convention in Miami. Just like last year's reception, attendees of the 2013 edition can expect a spirited celebration to honor outstanding alt-journalism and the hard-working people who produce it everyday.

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    ARTS CRITICISM circulation under 50,000

    Colorado Springs Independent: Pulling the Strings; King Lear; and Beautiful Disaster by Edie Adelstein

    INDY Week: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; Shame isn't as shaming as it thinks it is; and Disappointing Disney adaptation of pulp hero John Carter by Craig D. Lindsey

    The Pitch: Lincoln; Skyfall; and Flight by Scott Wilson

    ARTS CRITICISM circulation 50,000 and over

    Austin Chronicle: The Bourne Legacy; Take This Waltz; and Anna Karenina by Kimberley Jones

    Dallas Observer: Breaking Down Monstrous Coupling; Dallas Homeless' Are Showing Art; and On the Hunt for Dallas' Best Street Art by Betsy Lewis

    Houston Press: Punk-Goth Magnificence; The Nacirema Society; and Mamet's November Lacks Bite by D.L. Groover

    ARTS FEATURE circulation under 50,000

    East Bay Express:The Shrinking Stage by Rachel Swan

    Memphis Flyer:Disappearing Ink by Chris Davis

    Nashville Scene: Rebel Girls by Steve Haruch

    Seven Days: Last Picture Show by Margot Harrison

    ARTS FEATURE circulation 50,000 and over

    L.A. Weekly:Video Paradiso by Karina Longworth

    Philadelphia Weekly: Flash Forward by Tara Murtha

    Philadelphia Weekly: Mad Recent by Brian McManus

    BEAT REPORTING circulation under 50,000

    Monterey County Weekly: Environmental Reporting by Kera Abraham (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5)

    North Coast Journal: Environmental Reporting by Heidi Walters (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)

    The Pitch: Tech Reporting by Justin Kendall (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5)

    BEAT REPORTING circulation 50,000 and over

    Chicago Reader: Race Reporting by Steve Bogira (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6)

    New Times Broward-Palm Beach: Environmental Reporting by Chris Sweeney (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5)

    Philadelphia City Paper: Fiscal Policy Reporting by Daniel Denvir (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)

    Sacramento News & Review: Homelessness Reporting by Nick Miller (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)

    BREAKING NEWS circulation under 50,000

    The Athens NEWS: Athens Power Outage (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3) by Jim Phillips

    Colorado Springs Independent: The Waldo Canyon Fire (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5) by Pam Zubeck, Bill Forman, Chet Hardin, Kirk Woundy, Edie Adelstein, Bryce Crawford, Kirsten Akens, Jeff Koch, Matthew Schniper, J. Adrian Stanley and Claire Swinford

    Orlando Weekly: Sick of It (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5) by Billy Manes

    BREAKING NEWS circulation 50,000 and over

    Austin Chronicle: Esme Barrera Murder Case (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5) by Jordan Smith and Monica Riese

    Metro Times: Hell Breaks Loose by Curt Guyette

    Miami New Times: The Miami Zombie (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5) by Kyle Munzenrieder, Francisco Alvarado, Tim Elfrink, and Gus Garcia-Roberts

    COLUMN circulation under 50,000

    Flagpole Magazine: Columns by Pete McCommons

    Folio Weekly: Columns by Denise M. Reagan

    Jackson Free Press: Columns by Donna Ladd

    COLUMN circulation 50,000 and over

    Creative Loafing Atlanta: Columns by Rodney Carmichael

    Houston Press: Columns by Margaret Downing

    Miami New Times: Columns by Chuck Strouse

    COLUMN -- POLITICAL circulation under 50,000

    Creative Loafing Charlotte: How Obamacare saved my life; South Carolina campaigning has infected national races; and The Prairie Populist: George McGovern by John Grooms

    Jackson Free Press: A Romney Runs Through Us; The Southern Strategy's Last Stand?; Beware the GOP's (Un)Scientific Sexism by Donna Ladd

    The Source Weekly: Guns Don't Kill People, The NRA Kills People; Don't Buy The Bulletin's Self Serving Sob Story; and Let's Make Sandy Hook the Fulcrum for Change by Bruce Miller, Eric Flowers, Jim Stenson O'Neal

    COLUMN -- POLITICAL circulation 50,000 and over

    Miami New Times: Columns by Tim Elfrink

    Phoenix New Times: Columns by Stephen Lemons

    NOW Magazine: Columns by Enzo Di Matteo

    ELECTION COVERAGE circulation under 50,000

    Boise Weekly: Grand Old Punch-Up by Zach Hagadone

    Creative Loafing Tampa: RNC 2012 Coverage by Creative Loafing Staff

    Pacific Northwest Inlander: One Word and Wedding Day by Heidi Groover

    ELECTION COVERAGE circulation 50,000 and over

    Philadelphia Weekly: Desperate Ballot Measures by Randy LoBasso

    Phoenix New Times: How Undocumented Immigrants Helped Change Phoenix's City Council Race and SB 1070 Fuels a Movement of New Voters by Monica Alonzo

    Willamette Week: 2012 Portland Mayoral Race - The Evolution of Eileen Brady; Precinct Zero; Bus Boy; The Road to Hales; What Money Can't Buy; Campaign Confidential; Jefferson Smith Cited for 1993 Misdemeanor Assault; Police Report And Victim Contradict Smith's Version of 1993 Assault; and Knocking Himself Out by Corey Pein, Nigel Jaquiss, Aaron Mesh, Heidi Groover, and Laura Frazier

    FEATURE STORY circulation under 50,000

    Cleveland Scene: The Soul of Super Pimp by Kyle Swenson

    Jackson Free Press: Rebel Land by R.L. Nave

    Metro Pulse: Young and Sick by Cari Wade Gervin

    Pacific Northwest Inlander: The Sick and the Damned by Luke Baumgarten

    FEATURE STORY circulation 50,000 and over

    Isthmus: Collaterally Damaged by Nathan Comp

    L.A. Weekly: The Man Who Smelled Too Much by Gendy Alimurung

    Miami New Times: From Porky's to Hell by Michael E. Miller

    Westword: The Girl Who Fell to Earth by Alan Prendergast

    FOOD WRITING circulation under 50,000

    Charleston City Paper: The Post-Husk Era; Rye Revival; and Guy Fieri and the Perils of Middlebrow Food by Robert Moss

    INDY Week: Eating Invertebrates at the Museum of Life and Science; Growing Kiwis in North Carolina; and Is There a Future for North Carolina Hops Farming? by Lisa Sorg

    Style Weekly: Into the Fire and The Girl From Ipanema by Melissa Scott Sinclair

    FOOD WRITING circulation 50,000 and over

    Miami New Times: Working at Miami Restaurants and Food Trucks: The Inside Scoop by Laine Doss

    OC Weekly: Jason Quinn Will Meet You at the Playground by Michelle Woo

    Seattle Weekly: The Artisan Food Movement Digs for Gold; The Seattle Dog: An Oral History; and Charitable Korean at Chan by Hanna Raskin

    INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING circulation under 50,000

    Boulder Weekly: The Ghosts of Valmont Butte (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10) by Joel Dyer, Jefferson Dodge, and Elizabeth Miller

    Fort Worth Weekly: Death by Indifference by Betty Brink

    The Texas Observer: The Deadliest Place in Mexico by Melissa del Bosque

    INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING circulation 50,000 and over

    New Times Broward-Palm Beach: Coral Capers (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4) by Chris Sweeney

    SF Weekly: San Francisco's Transit Agency Has Neglected Maintenance for Years by Joe Eskenazi

    Village Voice: Rikers Violence (Part 1 and Part 2) by Graham Rayman

    LONG-FORM NEWS STORY circulation under 50,000

    Charleston City Paper: Skip ReVille was Unstoppable Until a Mother Found Him Out by Paul Bowers

    Cleveland Scene: Methbusters by Kyle Swenson

    East Bay Express: How Much Garbage Does It Take to Treat a Patient? by Kathleen Richards

    LONG-FORM NEWS STORY circulation 50,000 and over

    Baltimore City Paper: Minding Her Own Business by Edward Ericson Jr.

    Long Island Press: Identifying Princess Doe by Jaclyn Gallucci

    OC Weekly: When a Mentally Ill Child Becomes a Mentally Ill Adult by Michelle Woo

    MUSIC CRITICISM circulation under 50,000

    Fast Forward Weekly: Canadian Music is Boring by Josiah Hughes and Mark Teo

    Jackson Free Press: A Musical Family Affair; From the Ukulele to ‘60s Pop; For the Sheer Joy of It by Briana Robinson

    Nashville Scene: Ain't Talkin' About Hate; Blunderbuss on the Tracks; and Who's First by Adam Gold

    MUSIC CRITICISM circulation 50,000 and over

    Las Vegas Weekly: Coachella; Neon Reverb Report; and Peter Gabriel by Spencer Patterson

    Miami New Times: Miami Rapper SpaceGhostPurrp Releases Debut; Thurston Moore and KURT During Art Basel Miami Beach; and Madonna Strips for Dirty Dollar Bills by Sean Pajot

    Willamette Week: The Last of the Jewish Cowboys; Japandroids; and 24-Hour Party People by Martin Cizmar

    PUBLIC SERVICE circulation under 50,000

    Colorado Springs Independent: Fire and Failure: The Waldo Canyon Tragedy - Inside the Nightmare; Seeing Through the Haze; Misfire; and Fire Proof by Pam Zubeck

    Fort Worth Weekly: The Keystone Pipeline Battle - Your Land is My Land; Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sand; and Down But Not Out by Peter Gorman

    Style Weekly: Voices Carry: Evolution of the Modern Fight for Women's Rights - Culture Shock; Mission Aborted; Crimes of Expression; and Red Faced by Melissa Scott Sinclair, Jason Roop, Scott Bass, Vernal Coleman, Scott Elmquist, Thad Williamson, Adria Scharf, Dale Brumfield, and Zack Budryk

    PUBLIC SERVICE circulation 50,000 and over

    Austin Chronicle: The War on Women's Health - Jumping the Shark on Women's Health; The Destruction of Texas Health Care; Perry's Magic Wand; The War on Women's Health; Do No Harm; Perry's Tantrum; and It's About Community by Jordan Smith, Michael King, and Jason Stout

    Long Island Press: Membership Has its Privileges - Is Nassau County Police Department Selling Preferential Treatment To Private Citizens?; D.A. Probe Ongoing; Nassau County Top Cops Surrender; and Nassau Cops Indicted by Shelly Feuer Domash and Christopher Twarowski

    SF Weekly: Barred from Freedom: How Pretrial Detention Ruins Lives by Albert Samaha


    INDIVIDUAL BLOG All Publications

    Charleston City Paper: Haire of the Dog by Chris Haire

    New Times Broward-Palm Beach: Pulp by Chris Joseph

    Phoenix New Times: Feathered Bastard by Stephen Lemons

    MULTIMEDIA All Publications

    City Pages (Twin Cities): Reinventing the Wheel by Mike Kooiman, Bre McGee, and Erika Wolf

    INDY Week: Corrosion of Conformity: An Oral History of 30 Years by Bryan C. Reed, D.L. Anderson, and Grayson Currin

    Long Island Press: Clam Wars by Christopher Twarowski, Rashed Mian, and Jon Sasala

    Long Island Press: Ripple Effect by Rashed Mian, Christopher Twarowski, Michael Conforti, Scott Kearney, and Sal Calvi

    MUSIC BLOG All Publications

    City Pages (Twin Cities): Gimme Noise by Reed Fischer

    Miami New Times: Crossfade by Jose Duran, Sean Pajot, Arielle Castillo, and Kyle Munzenrieder

    Nashville Scene: Nashville Cream by Edd Hurt, Lance Conzett, D. Patrick Rodgers, Seth Graves, and Adam Gold

    STAFF BLOG All Publications

    Chicago Reader: The Bleader

    Nashville Scene: Pith in the Wind

    Philadelphia Weekly: PhillyNow


    Links to the winning cover design, illustration, and photography work will be added soon.

    COVER DESIGN circulation under 50,000

    Boulder Weekly: Covers by Dave Kirby and Sue France

    Folio Weekly: Covers by Chad Smith, Walter Coker, and Denise M. Reagan

    Santa Fe Reporter: Covers by John Lang and Corey Johnson

    COVER DESIGN circulation 50,000 and over

    City Pages (Twin Cities): Covers by Mike Kooiman

    New Times Broward-Palm Beach: Covers by Alex Izaguirre

    Washington City Paper: Covers by Jandos Rothstein

    EDITORIAL LAYOUT circulation under 50,000

    Mountain Xpress: Fantastic Voyager by John Zara and Nathanael Roney

    Nashville Scene: Food & Drink by Elizabeth Jones

    YES! Weekly: The Silver Ball by Katie Thompson

    EDITORIAL LAYOUT circulation 50,000 and over

    Baltimore City Paper: Never Mind the Crab Cakes, Here's the Cheese Fish by Ryan "Rarah" Stevenson, Frank Klein, Alex Fine, and Joe MacLeod

    Dallas Observer: The Year of Eating Fabulously by Tracie Louck and Catherine Downes

    Philadelphia City Paper: Big Vision Awards by Reseca Peskin and Brenna Adams

    ILLUSTRATION circulation under 50,000

    Boise Weekly: Mind Over the Apocalypse by Adam Rosenlund

    Pacific Northwest Inlander: Scholastic Fantastic by Jeff Drew

    Seven Days: Year of the Snake by Jeff Drew

    ILLUSTRATION circulation 50,000 and over

    Chicago Reader: Spring Books by Johnny Sampson

    Metro Times: 'Straight' Talk by Desiree Kelly

    Riverfront Times: Code Dead by Tim Lane

    PHOTOGRAPHY circulation under 50,000

    Creative Loafing Tampa: Republican National Convention Photos by Joeff Davis, Chip Weiner, Nick Cardello, and Robert Azmitia

    North Bay Bohemian: Photos by Sara Sanger

    Pacific Northwest Inlander: Photos by Young Kwak

    PHOTOGRAPHY circulation 50,000 and over

    Baltimore City Paper: Photos by Ryan "Rarah" Stevenson

    Creative Loafing Atlanta: Photos by Joeff Davis, Dustin Chambers, and Brandon English

    Dallas Observer: Dallas People 2012 by Tracie Louck and Mark Graham


    CARTOON (listed alphabetically by last name)

    Ed Harrington, Style Weekly

    V.C. Rogers, INDY Week

    Jen Sorensen, Slowpoke Comics


    Isthmus: My Madison Day (Print Feature and Website) by Jason Joyce, Kristian Knutsen, Stu Levitan, Dean Robbins, Judith Davidoff Michana Buchman, Joe Tarr, Jessica Steinhoff, Linda Falkenstein, Ellen Meany, Carolyn Fath, David Michael Miller, Todd Hubler, Tommy Washbush, Thom Jones, Bob Koch, Cameron Connors, Janell Palmer, Chris Majchrzak, and Lucas Graves

    Phoenix New Times:Best of Phoenix 2012 by Staff

    Willamette Week: The President of Beers (Print and Web Feature) by Martin Cizmar, John Locanthi, and Brian Yaeger

    SPECIAL SECTION circulation under 50,000

    The Athens NEWS: Athens County Annual Manual 2012 by Kristen Rogers

    Pacific Northwest Inlander: Dining Out: The 10 Things to Eat Before You Die by Mike Bookey

    San Diego CityBeat: The Walkers' Guide to Comic-Con by Staff

    SPECIAL SECTION circulation 50,000 and over

    L.A. Weekly: How to Succeed on YouTube: A User's Guide by Staff

    Philadelphia Weekly: Philadelphia Weekly's Binder Full of Women by Staff

    Willamette Week: Artbreaker: A Ballerina, a Best-Seller and a Violinist Take High Culture Slumming by Brett Campbell, Heather Wisner, Ruth Brown, Richard Speer, Laurie Notaro, Martin Cizmar

    Questions, comments and name corrections can be sent to Jason Zaragoza at jason[at]aan[dot]org