Kera Abraham

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Assistant Editor: Monterey County Weekly
Why are trailer park residents losing their teeth? What does Styrofoam have in common with zombies? Are stoners toking on rat poison? Kera Abraham explores these and other questions for Monterey County Weekly, an independent, alternative newspaper in Seaside, Calif. With degrees in environmental science (B.A., UC Berkeley, 2001) and magazine journalism (M.A., University of Oregon, 2004), she specializes in translating complex environmental and political issues into narrative articles your grandma can understand. Before moving back to California in 2007, she reported for Eugene Weekly in Oregon, where she earned national recognition for her coverage of forestry, political censorship and eco-sabotage.

AltWeekly Awards

2013 Beat Reporting, 1st Place (Circulation Below 50000) by Kera Abraham
2011 Feature Story, Honorable Mention (Circulation Below 50000) by Kera Abraham
2011 News Story-Short Form, 1st Place (Circulation Below 50000) by Kera Abraham
2007 Feature Story, 3rd Place (Circulation Below 55000) by Kera Abraham