Santa Fe Reporter Names New Editor

may 12, 2011  06:08 pm
Santa Fe Reporter Names New Editor
The Santa Fe Reporter has named staff writer Alexa Schirtzinger as its new editor. She will replace previous editor Julia Goldberg, who departed on April 27:
“Apart from her boundless energy, intelligence and passion for journalism, Alexa is one of those rare people who sees challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles,” [publisher Andy] Dudzik writes in an email. “That is absolutely key as we head into a digital future that’s changing the way we consume news and information. [Schirtzinger] is going to be instrumental in the Reporter’s transformation from a print-only newspaper to a multimedia publication accessible on many different platforms.”

Schirtzinger tells SFR that she is honored and looks forward to working with the Reporter’s enthusiastic and talented staff.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to transform the Reporter into an even better publication than it already is,” Schirtzinger says. “I eagerly welcome suggestions from our community and readership as to how we can better serve Santa Fe.” Schirtzinger also mentioned that her last name is pronounced “shirt”—as in the article of clothing—“zinger.”

Schirtzinger will officially move into the new role in June.