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AltWeekly Awards

2003 Food Writing Above 50,000

3rd Place: by Naomi Wise , San Diego Reader

1999 Column Above 54,000

2nd Place: by Abe Opincar , San Diego Reader

1997 Food Writing Below 54,000

2nd Place: Blood Vessel by Max Nash , San Diego Reader

1997 Political Reporting Above 54,000

2nd Place: Kemp and the Fugitive by Matt Potter , San Diego Reader

1996 Column Above 54,000

3rd Place: by Abe Opincar , San Diego Reader

1996 Feature Story Above 54,000

Honorable Mention: The Desire to Leave Hangs Like Heat by Laura McNeal , San Diego Reader

1996 Food Writing Above 54,000

2nd Place: by Max Nash , San Diego Reader

1996 Music Criticism Above 54,000

1st Place: by Richard Meltzer , San Diego Reader

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It's All Journalism: Good Digital Security Protects Free Speech

Community Red helps journalists around the world assess their threat model and come up with strategies to protect their information and themselves from "bad actors," whether they be dictatorial regimes or drug lords seeking to eliminate reporters covering wrongdoing. (FULL STORY)
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'More Alt Than Ever': Alt-Weeklies 2014 Year in Review

AAN editors and reporters share the stories they are most proud of from the past year. (FULL STORY)
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San Antonio Current Appoints Hernan Rozemberg, Editor-in-Chief

Euclid Media Group names award-winning journalist, HernĂ¡n Rozemberg, as Editor-in-Chief of the San Antonio Current. (FULL STORY)
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