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AltWeekly Awards

2009 Cartoon

3rd Place: "Worst Case Scenario" and "Hip Tip" by Kenny Be , Westword

2009 Feature Story Above 50,000

1st Place: The Good Soldier by Joel Warner , Westword
3rd Place: Father of Invention by Joel Warner , Westword

2009 Investigative Reporting Above 50,000

2nd Place: State of Emergency by Jared Jacang Maher , Westword

2008 Innovation Above 55,000

2nd Place: Paint the Town Read by Amy Haimerl and Kenny Be , Westword

2007 Food Writing Above 55,000

Honorable Mention: "Mama's House," "Sum More, Please," "Wedded Bliss" by Jason Sheehan , Westword

2006 Drugs Reporting Above 50,000

3rd Place: "Lost & Found" by Luke Turf , Westword

2006 Innovation Above 50,000

2nd Place: "Worst Case Scenario" by Kenny Be , Westword

2005 Column-Political Above 50,000

Honorable Mention: Calhoun (PDF) by Patricia Calhoun , Westword

2005 News Story-Short Form Above 50,000

2nd Place: Call Me by David Holthouse , Westword

2004 Investigative Reporting Above 50,000

2nd Place: The War Within by Julie Jargon , Westword

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AAN Joins Amicus Brief to Unseal Court Records

Court records are the meat and potatoes of the local accountability reporting AAN members engage in and excel at. (FULL STORY)
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It's All Journalism: FIU Students Report on Florida's Tidal Rise

Program puts students at the forefront of storytelling while pushing the boundaries of who teaches journalism, and who’s doing the teaching. (FULL STORY)
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Salt Lake City Weekly Honored by SPJnew

Writers took first place in several categories, including Best Reporter.
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