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AAN Releases Diversity Best Practices
(April 12, 2012) AAN's Diversity Committee has compiled a 3-page list of tips on fostering diversity and inclusion within the alternative news industry. (Read more)
AAN Conducts First-Ever Survey of Alt-Weekly Staff Demographics
(June 4, 2012) AAN's Diversity Committee has released the findings of a survey on the demographic makeup of alt-weekly newsrooms. (Read more)
AAN's Diversity Committee recently asked editors to share good diversity coverage done over the last year or so. We wanted these links for several reasons. We wanted them to share before, during or after diversity-related programming at AAN conventions.

Questions? Comments? Contact Jimmy Boegle, the diversity chair, at jboegle[at]tucsonweekly.com.
City of Dreams by Gabe Meline
From the North Bay Bohemian, a feature on a predominantly Latino region of Santa Rosa that has still not been made part of the city limits.

Street Fightin' Man and Cycles of Change by Detroitblogger John
From Metro Times, some columns from Detroitblogger John, who reports solely from within the central city of Detroit, and most often writes about African-Americans.

Sexy Detroit Men and Why to be Paranoid by Larry Gabriel
Also from Metro Times: Larry Gabriel has found a following with his column, which often feature this not-too-distant but twisted cousin of the character Simple who appeared in Langston Hughes’ newspaper columns of the the ’50s and ’60s. He’s in the running for best political columnist in the 2011 AltWeekly Awards.

Getting Past the Bouncer and Fifth Ward Saints
A couple of award-winners from the Houston Press.

A series of stories from the Chico News & Review:
“On the Ground in Southside,” about the county’s most troubled (and a mostly black) neighborhood.
“Growing up Black in Chico,” a first-person account of a middle-class black woman’s often difficult life journey.
“My Year of (not) Earning Tenure,” a first-person account of “the pitfalls of teaching diversity and tolerance in a small-town high school”.
“Transcending Gender” about a local man and the female identity he left behind.
“Is Homosexuality a Sin?” about Chico churches’ efforts to come to terms with homosexuality and scriptures that condemn it.

Creative Loafing Charlotte’s “Black History in the Making” project.

A trio of National Association of Black Journalists awards finalists from Westword:
City Lax Brings Lacrosse to Inner-City Denver by Joel Warner
Crips burned down the Holly in Bloods territory, but can peace emerge from the ashes? by Joel Warner
Mean Streets by Joel Warner

Being Baldenegro by Mari Herreras
A story from the Tucson Weekly on the local history of Latino activism.

Also from the Tucson Weekly, coverage from the regular Pride (LGBT) sections.

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