AAN Staff

Executive Director: Tiffany Shackelford

Tiffany Shackelford joined AAN as Executive Director in November 2010. Since then she has focused on pushing the alternative media industry forward through: research and development of smart digital tools; strategic partnering for monetization streams; community and demographics development and reminding the public of the importance of local media which speaks truth to power. (Full Bio)

Director of Meetings and Special Projects: Debra Silvestrin

Debra Silvestrin has been with AAN since Aug. 1995. Her previous positions encompassed meeting planning and marketing communications in many forms, from international cultural exchange to corporate hotel programs. (Full Bio)

Editor / Advertising Director: Jason Zaragoza

Jason Zaragoza is the editor of AltWeeklies.com, which features content from AAN's member publications. He also runs the AAN News blog, which covers the triumphs, exploits, and promiscuous job-hopping of the alt-weekly industry. He also manages the AAN Awards and directs AAN's national advertising network. (Full Bio)

Legal Counsel: Kevin M. Goldberg

Kevin M. Goldberg is a member of the law firm of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC, where he works in all areas of media law but has a particular focus on issues that are of importance to journalists and journalism organizations. From state and federal FOIA issues to reporter's privilege and newsroom searches to taking photos, videos and otherwise acquiring information in public areas on the newsgathering side to problems involving defamation, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement on the publication side, he can provide information AAN members need before working on stories and help by reviewing them before publication.

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AAN Fighting for FOIA

AAN was one of fifty organizations who sent a letter to President Obama asking for his commitment to certain basic principles regarding the Freedom of Information Act. (FULL STORY)
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Dig Portland to Launch

Dig Publishing, LLC (parent company of alt-weekly media company Dig Boston) announced today that it will be launching a new company called Dig Portland. (FULL STORY)
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It's All Journalism: Behind the Scenes of the New York Times Innovation Report

An interview with Amy O'Leary, deputy editor of digital operations at The New York Times, and Tyson Evans, the Times' editor of newsroom strategy. (FULL STORY)
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