AAN Web Publishing Conference 2011

Web Conference Program

Friday, Jan. 28
10 to 10:45 am
Networking Meet & Greet
Sponsored by Mediaphormedia/Ellington
Maritime Room 

10:45 to 11:30 am
General Session/Keynote
Retha Hill, Director of the New Media Innovations Lab at The Cronkite School, will talk about mobile-preneuring and creating location-aware mobile and tablet apps easily and cheaply as well as multimedia trends in monetization.
Golden Gate B/C

11:30 am to 12:30 pm
If you are not selling the web in verticals, you are not maximizing your web sales. Advertisers want their message to be next to subjects that concern them. How are you maximizing page views in food, music, arts and events and selling your inventory to match.
Panel: Neil Chase and Bryan Quinn
Golden Gate B/C

12:30 to 1:30 pm
Maritime Room

1:30 to 2:45 pm
Mobile Apps
Yes, this is the year for you to launch your Ipad/Iphone/Droid app. Come hear about cheap ways to get your mobile app built, and possible ways to monetize quickly.
Panel: Joshua Errett, NOW, Amy Gahran, Contentious.com, Paul Wagner, Forkfly
Golden Gate B/C

2:45 to 3 pm
Beverage Break

Maritime Room

3 to 3:45 pm
The Social Life of an Online Story
Utilizing real-time traffic results, we will follow the life of a blog post from inception to page views, monitoring and illustrating how Twitter, Facebook, digg, reddit, stumbleupon and other tools work together to bring in traffic.
Presenter: Chrys Wu

Golden Gate B/C

4 to 5 pm (Concurrent Sessions)
The Tucson Tragedy
The online editorial team from The Tucson Weekly will share lessons learned and how they best utilized online tools to tell the story.
Panel: Jimmy Boegle, Dan Gibson, Jim Nintzel
Golden Gate A

4 to 5 pm
Deals of the Day
How to fight the Groupon, Living Social wave with your own products…or find vendors to help you put together a winning program.
Panel: Matt Coen, Second Street Media, Rob Crocker, Portland Mercury/The Stranger, John Saltas, Kostizi, Nate Schmidt, Deal Co-Op/InstaGift
Golden Gate B/C

Saturday, Jan 29
8:30 to 9 am
Morning coffee and pastries
Maritime Room

9 to 10 am
General Session
Top 10 Tech Trends with Amy Webb

Think you finally have a handle on the latest technological developments? Think again. Amy Webb joins us to give one of her infamous talks, and highlight the latest tech trends for the dawn of a new decade.
Golden Gate C

10 to 10:45 am (Concurrent Sessions)

Everything from headlines to title tags to interlinking. We will ask for three site guinea pigs ahead of time and show everyone in the room what they are doing wrong, and right.
Presenter: Katy McDougall-Collins, AOL Inc.
Golden Gate B

10 to 10:45 am
Ad Management Strategy and Tools
Online advertisers and agencies are using new kinds of ads and new tracking systems. We’ll look at some of the new tools and what they mean for your sales department.
Presenter: Pete Koomen, Optimizely

Golden Gate C

11 to 11:45 am
New Readers ARE Out There
Reaching younger audiences is not as simple as a web site. You have to put content in front of them in places they are already gathered online. Come here from both researchers and young people about where they consume news and information and how you can reach this important audience.
Panel: Dan Coates, Ypulse, Hiram Enriquez, Tr3s, Kara Platoni

Golden Gate C

12 to 12:45 pm
General Session
Leonard Brody, technology entrepreneur, business advisor and author will kick off the program with some ideas on using new audience behavior and trends, monetization of content and more.
Golden Gate C

12:45 to 1:45 pm

1:45 to 2:45 pm 
Behavioral Targeting
Learning how a user consumes information and advertisements is key to keeping readers and advertisers. We will show you the importance of behavioral targeting and some tools that get you the data you need.
Panel: Eduardo Hauser, DailyMe, Patrick Mersinger, Creative Loafing, Pete Schwab, Altperks LLC.
Golden Gate C

3 to 4 pm (Concurrent Sessions)
Faceted Search/Semantic Technology
Contextual linking and faceted search means more time on site, better search engine optimization and more. There are multiple free and cheap tools at your fingertips. Semantic web and faceted search are no longer the future -- they are here and being used by mainstream publishers. Don't get left behind.
Panel: Shafqat Islam, NewsCred, Steven Kan, Apture, Rachel Lovinger, Razorfish, Brian Sletten, Bosatsu Inc.
Golden Gate C

3 to 4 pm
Journalism and the Social Media Revolution
We're now in an age of information overload, where anyone with a smartphone can broadcast media to the entire world. How does the role of journalism shift to cope with it all and embrace the social media revolution?
Presenter: Burt Herman, Storify
Golden Gate B

Please note: sessions, speakers and schedule are subject to change. 

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