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Folio Weekly Names Jeffrey Billman as Editornew

Outgoing editor Denise Reagan is heading to the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.
Folio Weekly  |  12-03-2013  4:29 pm  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly Launches New Websitenew

Jacksonville's Folio Weekly has launched a revamped website complete with a new logo and new features to encourage reader engagement.
Folio Weekly  |  02-21-2013  4:15 pm  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly Publisher To Join Southcomm

Folio Weekly publisher David Brennan recently announced that he will be leaving the publication to serve as the group publisher for SouthComm Inc. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  09-21-2012  12:10 pm  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly Hires Denise Reagan as Editornew

Denise Reagan will officially replace outgoing editor Anne Schindler in July.
Folio Weekly  |  06-12-2012  11:58 am  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly Editor Anne Schindler to Depart

Schindler is joining Jacksonville television broadcaster First Coast News as Executive Producer of Special Projects. (FULL STORY)
Folio Weekly  |  05-16-2012  5:19 pm  |  Industry News

Fla. State Attorney Insults Reporter's Appearance in Response to Critical Blog Postnew

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey is angry about a Folio Weekly blog post which suggested she violated a state law by pressuring employees to sign a petition for her reelection.
Folio Weekly  |  02-17-2012  4:58 pm  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly: We've Also Done a Fold-In Cover

Folio Weekly editor Anne Schindler points out that Robert Newman's claim that last week's Village Voice's fold-in cover was "probably the first time" a fold-in had been on the front of a publication is technically incorrect. The Jacksonville alt-weekly ran with a similar idea in 2007. (See the large before and after shots here and here.)
AAN News  |  06-01-2010  1:11 pm  |  Industry News  |  Comments (4)

How I Got That Story Live Chat: Anne Schindler Talks About Her Award-Winning Columns

Folio Weekly editor Anne Schindler discussed her column writing with Santa Fe Reporter editor Julia Goldberg in a live chat. Schindler's columns won her a first-place AltWeekly Award in the 50,000 and under circulation division. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  11-20-2009  2:50 pm  |  Association News

Next 'How I Got That Story' Slated for This Friday

At 3 pm EST, this Friday, Nov. 20, AAN will continue its live chat series with winners from the AAN 2009 journalism contest with Anne Schindler, editor of Folio Weekly, who won first place in the column writing category in the 50,000 and under circulation category. She will be interviewed by Santa Fe Reporter editor Julia Goldberg in a chat that will happen right here on the AAN.org home page. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  11-16-2009  4:03 pm  |  Association News

City Ethics Commission Gives Folio Weekly Contributor Kudosnew

Marvin Edwards, a longtime contributor to the Jacksonville alt-weekly, recently received a commendation from the city's Ethics Commission for exposing the city's failure to respond to public-records requests. The 87-year-old writer went to great lengths to obtain public records from the city -- an effort that required hiring a law firm -- in his push to expose the true cost to the city of hosting the 2005 Super Bowl. Ultimately, the chief deputy in Jacksonville's General Counsel Office acknowledged the city "dropped the ball" and should have responded faster and more appropriately. "It shouldn't have taken that kind of effort to obtain the records or get the story," the Florida Times-Union editorializes. "Because of what Edwards did, perhaps it won't be as hard for the public or the media in the future."
The Florida Times-Union  |  06-11-2009  9:30 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Folio Weekly Story Leads Ethics Commission to Ask for Meetingnew

"Has anybody seen this?," asked Jacksonville Ethics Commission member Pat Sher at the commission's meeting this week. She was holding a Folio story detailing how the city withheld public records from the paper for years. "I have, and I have gotten calls about this from concerned citizens. The public is concerned about the withholding of public records. We need to make sure the public is getting the information they request." The Jacksonville Daily Record reports the commission ultimately voted 5-3 to request that the city's general counsel meet with the Ethics Commission to discuss the accusations made in the Folio article.
The Jacksonville Daily Record  |  10-22-2008  8:41 am  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly Wins 'Small Victory' in Protracted Battle Over Documentsnew

The Jacksonville, Fla., alt-weekly first requested a document related to the city's NFL team, the Jaguars, in March 2004. The city initially told Folio that it did not possess the document the paper was requesting, a claim it made repeatedly over the next three years in regards to other football-related documents. Only after the paper spent more than $9,000 on an attorney and threatened legal action did the city finally admit it actually did have the requested documents. Turns out Jacksonville had 25 boxes worth of documents related to the football stadium renovations and the city's bid to host the Super Bowl. "Our quest to obtain the records ended with a small victory -- the city provided many documents and repaid $5,000 of our legal fees," writes Folio's Marvin Edwards. "But it also highlighted the city's contempt for public records laws, and its utter lack of accountability."
Folio Weekly  |  10-08-2008  11:04 am  |  Legal News

Councilman Looks to Ban Folio Weekly from City Propertynew

Jacksonville city councilman Clay Yarborough is calling on mayor John Peyton to remove Folio and its distribution racks from public property after seeing the March 11 issue featuring a cover story on sadomasochism, the Times-Union reports. In his email to the mayor and council leadership, reprinted on Folio's blog, Yarborough says he's worried about children seeing the story, and objects to ads with photos of "scantily clad women." Ironically, the very distribution location that raised Yarborough's ire -- a coffee shop inside the library -- isn't even under city authority, according to the mayor's spokesperson.
The Florida Times-Union  |  03-24-2008  8:44 am  |  Industry News

Folio Weekly Staffer Recounts Being Shot in Robbery Attemptnew

Just after midnight on Dec. 29, graphic designer Dennis Ho was shot in the foot in an apparent robbery attempt. He didn't need surgery, lost no toes, and will return to work Jan. 9. Ho recounts his experience today in a blog post. "To have to use my own hands to inspect the rest of my body for gunshot wounds while knowing that there was a real possibility they were there ... that was a feeling more terrifying than anything I've ever experienced," he writes. "I will never -- never -- forget that feeling."
Folio Weekly  |  01-02-2008  11:22 am  |  Industry News

As the Buzz Builds, Two Folio Weekly Staffers Leave to Pursue Band

They say the buzz cycle on Next Big Things gets shorter and shorter each year, with music blogs and MySpace breaking down the geographic constraints that may have prevented a label-less and record-less band from Jacksonville, Fla., from becoming one of the most-talked-about bands in the indieverse in a matter of weeks. The case of Black Kids seems to affirm this notion. Last month, the band, which counts as its members Folio Weekly staff writer Owen Holmes and graphic designer Kevin Snow, popped up on a blog from British tastemaker NME, and it wasn't long before Black Kids were everywhere, from The Guardian to Vice to Pitchfork. The band is set to make a big splash at the CMJ Music Marathon this weekend, with three shows scheduled in New York. But before they head up I-95, both Holmes and Snow are leaving the paper to pursue the band full time. Holmes took a few minutes to talk to AAN News via email about the band's rapid rise, the difficult decision to leave Folio, and Barack Obama. (FULL STORY)
AAN News  |  10-15-2007  8:24 am  |  Industry News