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Phoenix Media/Communications Group Sells Portland Phoenixnew

The Maine alt-weekly was sold to Portland News Club LLC, which publishes the Portland Daily Sun.
Mainebiz  |  11-13-2014  4:30 pm  |  Industry News

Phoenix Media Group Sued By Facebooknew

Facebook claims that Phoenix Media sites' search engines for band and restaurant listings violate its patents.
Boston.com  |  11-09-2010  3:32 pm  |  Legal News

Veteran Says Phoenix Story Saved His Life

A Marine Corps veteran who has been struggling with mental-health issues has credited a story published in this week's Phoenix in Boston, Portland, and Providence with saving his life. Just hours after the story, "Soldiers Committing Suicide," hit the streets in Maine, the former Marine called the Portland office, thanking the paper for running the story and sharing his own ordeal of being out of meds he takes for his PTSD. Portland Phoenix managing editor Jeff Inglis recommended the vet contact a local counseling service, and the vet called again later saying he'd made the appointment. "You guys saved the life of a veteran," he said on a voicemail message. MORE: Read Inglis' account of the day here. (FULL STORY)
Phoenix Newspaper Group Press Release  |  03-13-2009  12:09 pm  |  Press Releases

Ten AAN Members That Bucked the Trends and Grew in '08new

In the old days, when the media reported on problems in the newspaper industry, alternative newspapers weren't included. But alt-weeklies are immune no longer: In 2008, many AAN papers faced some of the same issues afflicting their mainstream brethren in the print media. However, you can still find alt-weeklies that had a pretty good year in 2008. That's just what AAN's editor Jon Whiten did, and he reports on 10 papers that increased revenue in a story published by Editor & Publisher.
Editor & Publisher  |  01-28-2009  1:42 pm  |  Industry News

Alt-Weeklies Start a Portland-to-Portland 'Food Fight'

On the heels of Epicurious.com calling Portland, Maine, "the new Portland, Oregon," Portland Mercury food writer Patrick Alan Coleman decided that he "quite like[d] the idea of a cross-country Portland food rivalry," and baited the Mainers with a blog post detailing why the West Coast Portland is the real deal for foodies. Portland Phoenix editor Jeff Inglis has fired back with his point-by-point rebuttal, noting the superiority of Maine's beer, ingredients, mushrooms and bartenders.
The Portland Mercury | Portland Phoenix  |  12-17-2008  9:01 am  |  Industry News

Portland Phoenix Launches 2008 'Portland Phoelympics'

The Portland Phoenix has created a local alternative to the Beijing Olympic Games, the 2008 Portland Phoelympics, which will be "free of smog, lead toys, forced child-labor, political oppression, and large, ancient walls," according to a press release. "The Phoenix is proud to have created an international event worthy of the great city of Portland," said Marc Shepard, associate publisher of the Phoenix and president of the IPC (International Phoelympic Committee). "We expect the economic impact of these games on the city to be substantial, as we've already spent close to $47 on equipment, and that does NOT include our bar tab and first aid supplies." (FULL STORY)
Portland Phoenix Press Release  |  08-06-2008  9:02 am  |  Press Releases

NEPA Names Boston Phoenix 'Newspaper of the Year,' Gives Alts Many Awardsnew

The Phoenix was named "Newspaper of the Year" in the alternative weekly division by the New England Press Association in its 2007 Better Newspaper Contest. "After 40 years, the Boston Phoenix remains a model for alts, bristling with attitude and loaded with coverage of entertainment, culture, politics, and tweaking of the daily press," the judges say. The Boston alt-weekly led the pack of AAN papers represented in the awards with 12 first-place finishes. Boston's Weekly Dig was close behind it's crosstown competitor, grabbing seven first-place awards. The Portland Phoenix and Worcester Magazine each finished first in three categories, while the Hartford Advocate and the Providence Phoenix each took home one first-place award.
New England Press Association  |  02-11-2008  8:50 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Portland Phoenix Reveals Ugly Side of Verizon/FairPoint Merger

Fairpoint-Verizon Deal Depends on Union Workers Not Getting a Raise for Seven Years (FULL STORY)
Portland Phoenix Press Release  |  11-14-2007  5:39 pm  |  Press Releases

Maine Faux-Alt Set to Launch March 15new

Maine Community Publications, a subsidiary of the Seattle Times Company, recently announced the launch of The Maine Switch, a "free lifestyle weekly targeted to adults ages 25-45 years old," according to a press release. "Short and sweet is the soul of this magazine," says a blog entry on Switch's MySpace page. "You won't find long, boring reports in Switch, that's not our style. Instead we love colorful photos, funky facts and quirky pieces." The Seattle Times Company also owns Maine's large daily, the Portland Press Herald, which has twice before launched similar products with no success, the Portland Phoenix reports.
Maine Community Publications Press Release | The Portland Phoenix  |  03-05-2007  8:43 am  |  Industry News

Phoenix Reports Hunger Strike at Maine Supermax Prison

Portland Phoenix reporter Lance Tapley is the first to break news about a hunger strike at Maine's Supermax prison. Posted on ThePhoenix.com, the news comes soon after an inmate of Maine State Prison's solitary confinement unit committed suicide. Following two more suicide attempts and an ensuing crackdown, an undisclosed number of prisoners have refused to eat in protest of conditions. Earlier this year, Tapley won an AltWeekly Award for his coverage of abuse at the prison, and The Phoenix has covered the escalating bedlam there over the past year.
10-19-2006  10:20 am  |  Industry News

Prisoner Suicide Leads to Hunger Strike at Maine State Prison

Portland Phoenix Press Release  |  10-19-2006  1:56 pm  |  Press Releases

Maine Supermarket Pulls Phoenix Over Nude Photonew

Portland Press Herald  |  10-18-2006  3:09 pm  |  Industry News

The Portland Phoenix Posts Maine Prison Video

Phoenix contributing writer Lance Tapley's two-part article on the Special Management Unit or "Supermax" inside Maine State Prison, published Nov. 11 and Nov. 18, exposed conditions resembling torture. One of the Phoenix's sources provided a prison videotape showing a man being stripped, placed in a restraint chair and sprayed repeatedly in the face. The Phoenix has now posted three 30-second clips from the videotape on its Web site, "to bring public attention to the internal workings of Maine Supermax and similar correctional facilities across the nation." The video clips are in Quicktime format.
The Portland Phoenix  |  11-18-2005  4:09 pm  |  Industry News