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E.W. Scripps Co. Folds Metro Pulse in Knoxvillenew

Metro Pulse began publishing in 1991 and was acquired by Scripps subsidiary Knoxville News Sentinel Media Group in 2007.
Knoxville News Sentinel  |  10-15-2014  2:22 pm  |  Industry News

Metro Pulse Makes a Few Staffing Changes

Staff writer Chris Barrett moves on (again), and former editor Jesse Fox Mayshark returns after six years at The New York Times (FULL STORY)
Metro Pulse Press Release  |  01-28-2010  10:34 am  |  Press Releases

Metro Pulse Picks Up East Tennessee SPJ Chapter Awardsnew

The Knoxville alt-weekly was given 10 Golden Press Card Awards from the East Tennessee Society for Professional Journalists last week. Of those, six were first-place awards, for Feature Writing, Investigative Reporting, Personal Columns, Reviews/Criticism, Series/Package/Project Writing and Sports Reporting.
Metro Pulse  |  05-22-2009  10:35 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Metro Pulse Parent Company Implements Pay Cutsnew

E.W. Scripps Co. exempt employees will see a 5 percent pay cut and the salaries of nonexempt employees will decline by 3 percent. The cuts also include a suspension of the company's 401(k) match and a freeze of the Scripps pension plan. The pay freezes are expected to last for at least a year.
The Knoxville News-Sentinel  |  02-20-2009  8:28 am  |  Industry News

Metro Pulse Scribe Reflects on 18 Months of Corporate Ownershipnew

"For the first time we don't have an owner who's making story suggestions and occasionally writing a column about a favorite cause. But it's understood, more than ever before, that we'd better make a living with this," associate editor Jack Neely says of life under EW Scripps. "I don't mean to suggest that corporate ownership is better. I do miss boasting that we're locally owned, even when it seemed mainly a theoretical thing. But it's good, for the first time, to have dental insurance."
Metro Pulse  |  01-14-2009  11:57 am  |  Industry News

Metro Pulse Named in $20 Million Libel and Slander Lawsuitnew

This summer, a Knoxville homeowners association published a newsletter raising concerns about a local pain clinic. The story, which Metro Pulse later reported on, quoted police sources who claimed that several armed robberies and drug deals took place in the local grocery store parking lot when patients went there to refill their pain meds, which had been prescribed by the clinic, Bearden Healthcare Associates. On Wednesday, the clinic's doctors filed a $20 million lawsuit against the homeowners association, Metro Pulse and the alt-weekly's parent company, claiming libel, slander, and interference with business practices. "We intend to vigorously defend our position in the case, and we are confident that we will prevail when the facts are established," says a statement released by Metro Pulse.
WBIR-TV  |  10-31-2008  9:08 am  |  Legal News

Four New Member Papers Admitted into AAN

After a vigorous and sometimes philosophical discussion of media ownership and the changing media landscape, AAN members approved four of the 11 membership applications that were considered during the association's annual meeting on Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia. City Pulse (Lansing, Mich.), Fast Forward (Calgary, Alberta), Hawaii Island Journal (Hilo, Hawaii) and Las Vegas CityLife (Las Vegas, Nev.) were each welcomed into the association. Members also voted to affirm the continuing membership of five papers whose ownership had changed in 2007. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-09-2008  9:55 am  |  Association News

Knoxville, Tenn., Embarks on Pilot News Box Programnew

"Following the lead in other cities, the [city's] administration has been working in voluntary cooperation with the News Sentinel [Metro Pulse's parent company] and other publications" to create Knoxville's first unified distribution center, replacing a string of existing news boxes, according to Metro Pulse. If the program goes well, the city is looking to expand it downtown. "Right now Knoxville has no ordinances or restrictions on placement of publication distribution boxes," Metro Pulse reports, but if the voluntary program doesn't work, the city has already examined legislation in other cities to emulate, if necessary.
Metro Pulse  |  05-16-2008  2:08 pm  |  Industry News

Metro Pulse Story Leads to Gay Athlete's Induction to Hall of Famenew

Jackie Walker, a Knoxville-area high school football star and all-American linebacker at Tennessee in 1970-71, will be posthumously inducted into the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame July 17. "The city and the university were reminded of his distinguished career last fall," the New York Times reports, after an article in Metro Pulse "introduced Walker to a new audience and asked a pointed question: Had his sexual orientation denied him Hall of Fame recognition?" Metro Pulse editor Coury Turczyn tells AAN News that the original piece, by Betty Bean, "most definitely put things in motion," adding that "several of the interview subjects were made aware of the issue in the process of being asked about it," including people "who nominate athletes for various halls of fame." Read more on Walker's induction from Metro Pulse.
The New York Times | Metro Pulse  |  04-24-2008  12:26 pm  |  Industry News

Membership of Five Papers Up for Review in 2008

Due to a 2004 change in the association's bylaws, five papers that have taken on new majority owners in the past two years will have their AAN membership reviewed in 2008. The Membership Committee will evaluate The Other Paper, Boston's Weekly Dig, East Bay Express, Metro Pulse, and Cityview, and will issue a report to members a week before the 2007 annual convention. To retain their membership, each paper must be affirmed by at least one-third of the members voting at the annual meeting in Philadelphia, which is tentatively scheduled for June 7. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  12-12-2007  11:46 am  |  Association News

Former Editor Returns to Take Reins at Metro Pulsenew

Coury Turczyn, who was a "principal editor" of the Knoxville alt-weekly for most of its first nine years before he left in 2000, will return to the paper on Aug. 13 as editor-in-chief, according to an editorial posted on the Metro Pulse website. "More than any other individual, he shaped the paper's appealingly snotty personality and irreverent course," reports the anonymous editorialist. After living in several different states, Turczyn returned to Knoxville in 2005 to serve as an editor for E.W. Scripp's HGTV website. Scripps, which also owns the daily paper in Knoxville, acquired Metro Pulse late last month. Current editor Leslie Wylie announced two months ago that she would be leaving the paper to become a professional competitive equestrian.
Metro Pulse  |  07-30-2007  3:16 pm  |  Industry News

E.W. Scripps Company Buys Knoxville Alt-Weeklynew

The Knoxville News Sentinel Media Group, a division of Scripps, has purchased AAN member Metro Pulse, the News Sentinel reports. "Metro Pulse will keep their editorial and advertising independence. At some point in the future, we will be printing our new weekly product," News Sentinel publisher Bruce Hartmann says in a memo. "Brian Conley will remain as the publisher of Metro Pulse but will only be involved in the editorial direction of the paper."
Knoxville News Sentinel  |  06-25-2007  12:46 pm  |  Industry News

Metro Pulse Publisher, Wife Free on Bondnew

Brian Conley, and his wife, Patricia Conley, spent an evening in a Knox County jail after being arrested Saturday night on charges relating to public intoxication, reports the local daily. After leaving a Christmas party, the Conley's vehicle was stopped by Knoxville Police. When the police arrested Mr. Conley for public drunkenness, his wife "became combative and interfered with the arrest," according to court records. She was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct. "The Conleys do dispute the events as they are stated in the incident report," says their attorney, who adds that Brian Conley "did the responsible thing by having his wife drive after the party."
Knoxville News Sentinel  |  12-19-2006  3:06 pm  |  Industry News