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Nigel Jaquiss: Bringing Down an Esteemed Political Figure

The scoop Nigel Jaquiss got about political leader Neil Goldschmidt was one that would create a terrible stir in Oregon, if only he could nail it down. If he couldn't lay out sufficient proof, he risked destroying his paper, Willamette Week. Jaquiss describes the twists and turns that led to the publication of the stories that won him the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting, along with an AltWeekly Award. This is the seventh in a "How I Got That Story" series highlighting the AltWeekly Awards' first-place winners. (FULL STORY)
Wells Dunbar  |  10-26-2005  1:44 pm  |  Association News

AAN Announces Relief Effort to Support Gambit Employees

AAN announced today that it had established a multi-pronged effort to provide immediate relief to employees of its New Orleans-based member paper who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The centerpiece of the effort is a special fund that the association has established in its Alternative Newsweekly Foundation to accept charitable contributions from members who want to provide immediate assistance to Gambit Weekly employees. Several AAN-member companies have already announced significant contributions to the fund. (FULL STORY)
09-02-2005  12:01 pm  |  Association News

Denial, Denial, Denial and Then a Pulitzer

Wells Dunbar  |  07-07-2005  4:43 pm  |  Association News

According to E&P, Willamette Week Does It Right

For the sixth consecutive year, Editor & Publisher has published a list of "10 That Do It Right," honoring papers "that can serve as a model for others." Among this year's honorees is Portland's Willamette Week, which won the Pulitzer this year for investigative journalism. E&P calls the award-winning piece, written by Nigel Jaquiss, "one stop on a long trail of high-impact stories produced by this spunky alt-weekly," and ticks off a list of them -- including one that exposed a local elementary school as toxic. The full article is available in E&P's print version. If you're a subscriber, you can access it online here (login required).
06-30-2005  10:31 am  |  Industry News

Honors Keep Coming for Willamette's Jaquissnew

Because sometimes winning a Pulitzer just isn't enough: Willamette Week's Nigel Jaquiss also won an award from Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (IRE) for "The 30-Year Secret" -- the same work for which he won the Pulitzer yesterday. Qualifying as a finalist was New Times Broward-Palm Beach's Bob Norman for "Sick District," his investigation into the mismanagement of Broward County's tax-assisted public health care system.
Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.  |  04-05-2005  5:47 pm  |  Industry News

Willamette Week Reporter Wins Pulitzernew

Nigel Jaquiss, a staff writer at the Portland, Ore., alt-weekly, received the prize in investigative reporting for "his investigation exposing a former governor's long concealed sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl," according to this afternoon's announcement on Pulitzer.org. He beat out finalists from The New York Times and The Des Moines Register.
Pulitzer.org  |  04-04-2005  4:00 pm  |  Industry News

Portland Alt-Weekly Indirectly Lauded by Local Dailynew

An article by Shawn Levy in today's issue of The Oregonian calls the Longbaugh Film Festival -- sponsored by Willamette Week -- "the city's most ambitious festival of independent film from all over the world" and "doggedly glitter- and hype-free." The festival's creative director, Willamette Week film critic David Walker, will premiere his own feature film titled "Damaged Goods." The article doesn't mention if the film will reflect Walker's "characteristically pugnacious attitude."
The Oregonian  |  03-23-2005  5:45 pm  |  Industry News

Is Willamette Week a Pulitzer Finalist?new

On Friday, Editor & Publisher posted "a credible list of the journalism-category nominees" for the annual Pulitzer Prize, which resulted from leaks in the judging process. E&P's caveat: "Although these can't be absolutely confirmed, our information in the past has proven to be remarkably accurate." Among the purported finalists is AAN member paper Willamette Week, nominated in the Investigative category for uncovering a long-buried sex scandal involving Neil Goldschmidt, a prominent Oregonian and former governor.
Editor & Publisher  |  03-07-2005  12:47 pm  |  Industry News

The Story (and Reporter) Behind Willamette Week's Big Scoopnew

In May 2004, Willamette Week staff writer Nigel Jaquiss called Oregon State Senator Vicki Walker. He wanted to talk to her about the business dealings of Neil Goldschmidt, a prominent Oregonian and former governor. Instead, she tipped the reporter to what would become a major scandal. Portland Monthly tells the story of how Jaquiss, through months of tireless investigation, revealed the long-buried truth that Goldschmidt had sexually abused a 14-year-old girl; and how one reporter's efforts led the alt-weekly to scoop The Oregonian, a major daily with a staff of 300.
Portland Monthly  |  11-04-2004  5:51 pm  |  Industry News

Politicians Get Wild for Ragtag Alt-Weekly Audiencenew

Willamette Week co-sponsored Candidates Gone Wild!, an event that allowed candidates for Portland City Council, mayor and the 1st Congressional District to set aside substance for shtick. The politicians participated in a talent show, sat through satirical short films and weathered a Q&A session filled with hard-hitting questions that Oregonian news writer Douglas Perry contends, "would make Bob Schieffer pass out." That aside, Perry judges the event an "aggressively issues-free evening" attended by an audience that "views the popular 'Girls Gone Wild' videos as a wholesome tradition."
The Oregonian  |  10-21-2004  2:28 pm  |  Industry News

AAN Papers Gorge on Food Journalism Awardsnew

On Oct. 9, the Association of Food Journalists named winners in its 2004 AFJ Awards Competition -- and Association of Alternative Newsweeklies member papers came out looking like pigs in the "Under 150,000 Circulation" division. Willamette Week, Independent Weekly, Creative Loafing (Atlanta) and Cleveland Scene each took home an award, while Houston Press garnered a pair. According to the AFJ Web site, the awards "recognize excellence in reporting, writing, and photography in all media, and newspaper food section design and content."
Association of Food Journalists  |  10-13-2004  11:32 am  |  Industry News

How Willamette Week Broke Big Story on Oregon Ex-Governornew

The story was percolating for some 20 years. Reporters pursued it but not far enough. And then, Jill Rosen reports in American Journalism Review, a feisty Oregon alt-weekly made a stunning revelation on its Web site May 6. Former governor Neil Goldschmidt, when he was mayor of Portland, had had sexual relations with a girl who was only 14. A lead from a state senator, followed by intensive records searches and interviews, helped Willamette Week's Nigel Jaquiss pull the story together.
American Journalism Review  |  07-21-2004  5:05 pm  |  Industry News

Oregon Rocked by Revelation of Leader's Abuse of Girlnew

Since Willamette Week broke the story that former Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt had had sex over a three-year period with a girl who was only 14 at the start, Oregonians have been obsessed with the story, Blaine Harden reports on the front page of Monday's Washington Post. One of the questions people are asking, he writes, is why the state's most powerful newspaper, The Oregonian, in its first-day coverage of Goldschmidt's confession, seemed "to go so easy on him, calling his behavior an 'affair' and describing his apology as 'heartfelt.'"
The Washington Post  |  05-18-2004  3:06 pm  |  Industry News