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Colorado Springs Independent Announces Publisher Transitionnew

Carrie Simison will take over as publisher on Sept. 17. John Weiss will assume role as chair of Colorado Publishing House, the parent company of the Independent.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  08-05-2015  12:00 pm  |  Industry News

Local Nonprofit Honors Colorado Springs Independent Publishernew

John Weiss has been named the recipient of the Citizens Project's 2010 Divine Award, which is given each year to someone who "create[s] a vibrant democracy in which equal rights are protected and differences are respected." Weiss' "leadership has created a more diverse, progressive and green Colorado Springs over the last 27 years," the Project says.
Citizens Project  |  01-11-2010  8:22 am  |  Honors & Achievements

A Perk of Publishing an Alt-Weekly: No Suit Requirednew

"I wore a suit at my wedding, and between 1993 and 1994 I wore a suit at work," Colorado Springs Independent publisher John Weiss says in a Colorado Springs Business Journal piece about -- you guessed it -- suits. "I was trying to fit in and be legitimate ... But then I realized that the whole point of being the publisher of an alternative weekly was that you didn't have to wear a suit."
Colorado Springs Business Journal  |  12-22-2009  2:37 pm  |  Industry News

Competing Colorado Springs Papers Band Together for Endorsements

The alt-weekly Colorado Springs Independent has joined with the daily Colorado Springs Gazette to publish tandem endorsements regarding two upcoming ballot questions. "We have set aside our differences to graphically illustrate how important it is for citizens to vote this fall to ensure the short- and long-term health of the city we call home," Independent publisher John Weiss says. "Join with us to help save our city from a terrible -- yet still avoidable -- fate." (FULL STORY)
Colorado Springs Independent Press Release  |  09-10-2009  9:36 am  |  Press Releases

Colorado Springs Independent Dropped from Starbucksnew

Publisher John Weiss says he was asked a couple months ago by one area Starbucks store to pick up the Indy's news racks there. When he asked why the paper was being kicked out, the manager told him an individual had complained and the corporate office decided to pull the paper, KOAA-TV reports. "Starbucks has a non-solicitation policy and the standard operating procedure is to carry only the New York Times and the local paper, i.e. the Colorado Springs Gazette," the coffee giant says in a statement. Weiss says it sets a double standard: "Just allowing one newspaper, which is very, very conservative, into their stores, we don't think provides the balance this community needs." The Indy went through a similar ban eight years ago at King Soopers grocery stores, according to KOAA. The stores eventually brought the paper back after receiving multiple complaint letters and phone calls from customers.
KOAA-TV  |  12-28-2007  8:36 am  |  Industry News

Circulation Software Makes Life Easier at Alt-Weeklies

A recent survey of AAN papers revealed that the applications alt-weeklies are using to track circulation are as diverse as the newspapers themselves. A few papers rely on their in-house wiz for a custom-made program, but for the rest of the industry, a commercial package is the only sophisticated option. Alt-weekly circulation insiders describe their woes, successes, and dreams of better uses for the numbers. (FULL STORY)
Isaiah Thompson  |  03-06-2006  10:53 am  |  Association News

Independent Publisher to Take 3-Month Sabbatical

Fran Zankowski to Serve as "Visiting Publisher" (FULL STORY)
02-24-2005  6:04 pm  |  Press Releases

Alt-Weekly Ad Urges Readers to Ditch Nader for Kerrynew

Nader-supporting alt-weekly readers living in 10 swing states will see full-page ads next week urging them to vote Kerry in 2004. The ads promote a statement by more than 70 former Nader supporters -- including Noam Chomsky, Ben Cohen and Susan Sarandon -- who endorse voting for Kerry in states where he's running neck and neck with Bush. Colorado Springs Independent publisher John Weiss, who organized the campaign, says, "Our goal is to reach voters who have been almost entirely neglected in this campaign: swing voters on the left."
The Unity Campaign press release  |  10-21-2004  5:07 pm  |  Industry News

In Response to Critic, Publisher Admits Quoting Cheneynew

After Colorado Springs Independent Publisher John Weiss received a Small Business Person of the Year award from the local Chamber of Commerce, an office-supply store owner named Ed Bircham took out newspaper ads questioning whether Weiss deserved it. Responding to allegations made in Bircham's ads, Weiss admits in his latest column that, yes, the Independent had indeed used profanity in the paper recently when it quoted what Vice President Dick Cheney said to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. Weiss also pleaded guilty to running same-sex personal ads in the paper. But the alt-weekly publisher didn't sound the least bit remorseful.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  07-26-2004  4:10 pm  |  Industry News

Economy Hits Alt-Weekly Bottom Lines

Alternative newsweeklies are feeling the one-two punch of war and recession. National advertising is down across the board, but classifieds are providing a cushion. While several papers have had to lay off employees, others are taking the opportunity to add sales staff. (FULL STORY)
Seth Wharton  |  10-25-2001  8:19 am  |  Industry News