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San Francisco Bay Guardian Confirms Impending Sale, Brugmann Steps Downnew

Bay Guardian co-founders and publishers Bruce Brugmann and Jean Dibble will step down from day-to-day operations. The paper will also sell its headquarters building for $6.5 million in a separate transaction.
SFBG.com  |  04-24-2012  9:56 pm  |  Industry News

Bay Guardian's Brugmann Calls Community Forums a Model for Other Publicationsnew

The paper's goal is "to create a document that the voters could use to determine which candidates really deserve the progressive vote."
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  09-22-2011  11:28 am  |  Industry News

Bruce Brugmann Honored By Columbia School of Journalismnew

San Francisco Bay Guardian's Bruce Brugmann has been named as one of the honorees of Columbia Journalism School's annual Alumni Awards.
Romenesko  |  12-22-2010  11:14 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Bay Guardian's Battle With SF Weekly Shifts To Calif. Supreme Courtnew

As the ongoing legal dispute between SFBG and SF Weekly continues to wind its way through the courts, the San Francisco Chronicle runs a Sunday profile on Bruce Brugmann.
San Francisco Chronicle  |  11-04-2010  12:54 pm  |  Legal News

Bay Guardian Celebrates 44 Years of 'Raising Hell'new

San Francisco Bay Guardian founder and publisher Bruce Brugmann calls the reporting in this week's anniversary issue, "the Guardian at its best."
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  10-22-2010  5:20 pm  |  Industry News

David Carr Visits With Brugmannnew

In his New York Times column, David Carr pays a visit to the San Francisco Bay Guardian's Bruce Brugmann.
New York Times  |  08-30-2010  3:05 pm  |  Industry News

Fake Bruce Brugmann Now on Twitternew

The fake Twitter stream of San Francisco Bay Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann is "drunken, outrageous, [and] rails against Village Voice Media executive editor Mike Lacey," the SF Weekly reports. "Once upon a time, if you wanted to roast your newspaper editor, you would make a drunken speech at an office party or draw a funny cartoon," the Weekly notes. "But that was back in the bad old days, before fake Twitter accounts created the perfect medium for a constant stream of homage/mockery." The Weekly adds that it is not behind the account, which has the handle "Bossy_Brugmann," despite its ongoing public battles with the Guardian and its founder.
SF Weekly  |  05-04-2010  10:37 am  |  Industry News

Bay Guardian Editor: The SF Weekly Suit 'Wasn't Personal'new

San Francisco Bay Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond writes that while he thought Eli Sanders' recent story on the feud between the Guardian and SF Weekly in The Stranger was mostly right, he faults Sanders (and others) for casting the legal battle as a clash of egos. "The thing is, Bruce [Brugmann] and Mike [Lacey] haven't hated each other for decades," Redmond writes. "They weren't terribly close, but they got along fine -- and sometimes, they were political allies." He points to their unlikely alliance at the 1997 AAN Convention (three years after New Times purchased SF Weekly) to push a bylaws measure (and digs up a photo of the two arm-in-arm) as proof. "They were almost, sorta, kinda pals," he writes. "At least for a few minutes."
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  03-30-2010  10:27 am  |  Industry News

The Stranger Looks at 'The Crazy Alt-Weekly War in San Francisco'new

The legal battle between the San Francisco Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly is "a war straight out of the last century in its ruthlessness and its destructive potential," writes The Stranger's Eli Sanders in a 10,000-plus word cover story this week. The piece covers a lot of ground, but frames the battle as one between two alt-titans: Bay Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann and Village Voice Media executive editor Michael Lacey. "These two men have hated each other for decades," Sanders writes, "but with increasing venom since 1995, when Lacey showed up in San Francisco in cowboy boots to announce that he and his partners had just purchased the tiny SF Weekly and planned to make a huge success of it."
The Stranger  |  03-17-2010  8:06 pm  |  Industry News

Bay Guardian Says it Won't Run City's Public Notice Ads on Websitenew

SF Weekly reports the city of San Francisco is reaching out to a handful of websites to potentially run public notice ads, including the website of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. But Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann says the paper has no intention of participating. "We don't bid, or go in for these city contracts, and we don't intend to do it now," he tells the Weekly.
SF Weekly  |  06-16-2009  12:39 pm  |  Industry News

More on the Bay Guardian/VVM Verdict

"There's more to the Bay Guardian-VVM fight than ill will and purple prose," writes Boston Phoenix media reporter Adam Reilly. "The two sides have predictably divergent takes on the merits of the outcome. But they agree that its legal ramifications go far beyond the Bay Area and the alt-weekly universe." Guardian publisher and editor Bruce Brugmann tells the Phoenix that the suit sets an example for small businesses everywhere. "Everyone can use our suit as a model and template for any big chain that's coming in and trying to predatory-price them," he says. But SF Weekly attorney Jim Wagstaffe thinks that if the judge grants the Guardian's request for an injunction for the Weekly to stop all below-cost sales as the case winds its way through the courts, "the result here could dramatically harm consumers. If every one of [a publication's] ad sales is scrutinized to make sure it's not, quote-unquote, too low, then what'll happen is, publications will raise their prices to avoid getting sued." The Guardian notes that interest will accrue on the judgment at a rate of 10 percent a year. "That means the Weekly and VVM will be paying $4,000 a day in interest for as long as they seek to dispute and appeal the jury decision," the Guardian reports.
Boston Phoenix | San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  03-12-2008  8:35 am  |  Industry News

Closing Arguments in Bay Guardian/VVM Trial Set for Thursday

The last three witnesses took the stand yesterday in the Guardian's predatory pricing trial against SF Weekly and Village Voice Media. Guardian publisher and editor Bruce Brugmann and associate publisher Jean Dibble were brought back to the stand, this time by the Weekly's attorneys; they were followed by Bay Area publisher Bill Johnson, whose papers include AAN members the Palo Alto Weekly and Pacific Sun. The trial takes a day off today, and closing arguments begin Thursday morning. For more details, read the latest from the Weekly and the Bay Guardian.
SF Weekly | San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  02-27-2008  9:05 am  |  Industry News

Fireworks in SFBG-VVM Trial as Brugmann Testifies

Although their dispatches read as if they're reporting from two different trials, both SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian agree that the temperature in the courtroom rose on Tuesday when the Bay Guardian's editor and publisher, Bruce Brugmann, took the stand. According to VVM's Andy Van De Voorde, Brugmann "exploded on the stand ... pounding his hand on the witness box, raising his voice, and growing red-faced." But Bay Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond says his boss "stood up remarkably well under a cross-examination" and "generally made the SF Weekly's lawyer look silly." The Bay Guardian filed a more extensive report on the trial here, while SF Weekly posted dispatches following the action on Friday and Monday.
SF Weekly | San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  02-06-2008  9:29 pm  |  Industry News

Bay Guardian/VVM Trial Scheduled to Begin Tomorrownew

The predatory pricing suit against SF Weekly and Village Voice Media asserts that the Weekly sold ads below cost to push the Guardian out of business. (The suit also names former VVM property East Bay Express as a defendant.) VVM executive editor Michael Lacey thinks Bay Guardian publisher/editor Bruce Brugmann is using the Weekly as a "scapegoat" for his own problems in dealing with new challenges in print media. "[The lawsuit] is how he's hoping to maintain his business in a really tough media market," Lacey tells The San Francisco Daily Journal, a local legal publication. But Brugmann disputes this notion. "From our point of view, the fact that the economy is not good and there are other problems in this business only makes this problem more acute," he says. Jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in San Francisco County Superior Court. Legal experts tell the Daily Journal that predatory-pricing cases face different odds depending on where they are filed, adding that California superior courts are generally seen as more friendly to plaintiffs than federal courts.
The San Francisco Daily Journal (Subscription Required)  |  01-16-2008  8:58 am  |  Legal News

San Francisco Bay Guardian Editor/Publisher Heads to Venezuelanew

Bruce Brugmann is part of a delegation of the Inter American Press Association heading to the South American country to investigate the threat to press liberty posed by constitutional "reforms" proposed by President Hugo Chavez, Editor & Publisher reports.
Editor & Publisher  |  11-19-2007  10:39 am  |  Industry News