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AAN Opens Door to Non-Print Publications, Fills Eleven Board Seats

AAN members voted on several key matters during the association's annual meeting on Saturday, July 17. Eleven seats on the Board of Directors were filled, three publications were admitted into the association, and a bylaws amendment allowing online-only publications to apply for membership was passed by an overwhelming majority. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  07-20-2010  1:31 am  |  Association News

City Newspaper Hosts 'Recession Procession'

The Rochester, N.Y., alt-weekly has organized a neighborhood crawl featuring special discounts on everything from guitar strings to eyebrow waxing to booze. "The Recession Procession was originally conceived as our version of a bar crawl, but tweaked to appeal to our too-cool-for-a-bar-crawl readers," City features editor Eric Rezsnyak tells AAN News. "Given the current economy, a 'F**k the Recession!' theme seemed like a perfect fit." Rezsnyak says the local businesses have "totally embraced the spirit of the event" and are contributing creative ideas for deals. The Recession Procession is scheduled for May 7 from 5-8 pm.
AAN News  |  04-21-2009  3:06 pm  |  Industry News