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Original Inknew

The untold story of how California women broke body art boundaries.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Jody Amable  |  04-19-2016  |  Culture

Leaping year: One-day delay results in dazzling "return of the sun" celebrationnew

The year 2016 will be remembered as the perfect time to be bissextile. Several hundred people experienced one of Longyearbyen’s most spectacular “return of the sun” celebrations ever, thanks to leap year delaying the ceremony from a cloudy Monday to a cloudless Tuesday.
Icepeople  |  Mark Sabbatini  |  03-10-2016  |  Culture

How Satan Became the New Face of Secularismnew

A meet and greet with Silicon Valley's Satanists.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Jennifer Wadsworth  |  02-05-2016  |  Culture

The Myth of Super Bowl Sex Traffickingnew

With no evidence of a Big Game-related spike, the crackdown on trafficked humans more often than not targets sex workers and consenting adults.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  John Flynn  |  01-22-2016  |  Culture

Painting the Politicalnew

Former Buffalo Nine activist and renowned oil painter Jerry Ross returns to his political roots with portraits of 2016 presidential candidates.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  01-03-2016  |  Culture

The Unforgettable Party That No One Can Remembernew

From tie-died, rainbow hallucinations to San Jose City Hall's gray concrete plaza, the hazy history of the night that cemented the counterculture and changed America.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Geoffrey Dunn  |  12-15-2015  |  Culture

Pop Culturednew

Costumes and camaraderie at Eugene Comic Con.
Eugene Weekly  |  Amy Schneider  |  11-12-2015  |  Culture

The Cult of Catnew

While the Internet popularized the cat video with its attendant memes, salable kitsch and viral stars, the genre—if one could call it that—dates back to the inception of cinema. For reasons probed by social science and debated by cultural critics, we have long obsessed over cats. Yet in the past decade, with the advent of cheap cameras and online video sharing, that fascination has reached fever-pitch frenzy.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Jennifer Wadsworth  |  11-11-2015  |  Culture

Between Heaven & Hellnew

It’s an oppressively hot day.
Random Lengths News  |  Lionel Rolfe  |  10-22-2015  |  Culture

When Women Are Sentenced to Male Prisonsnew

In The Women of San Quentin, journalist Kristin Schreier Lyseggen offers an in-depth look at the struggles of transgender women who face abuse and trauma inside California's male prisons.
East Bay Express  |  Sam Levin  |  09-30-2015  |  Culture

Swing Kidnew

Nick davis shares a Lindy hop legacy in track town U.S.A.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  09-11-2015  |  Culture

Appropriate This!new

While most fashion and pop culture trends in the digital age are quick to die out, that of appropriating elements historically associated with Native American culture seems to be holding strong. SFR reached out to a group of artists, established and emerging, and asked about their reality, inspiration and challenges.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Enrique Limón  |  08-19-2015  |  Culture

Portland's Pussycat Paradisenew

If the first cat cafe in the northwest is any indication, cats are indeed winning.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  08-18-2015  |  Culture

Selections From the Maya Angelou Estatenew

Maya Angelou left behind a sizable legacy. She also left behind a lot of stuff. Inside the greatest yard sale on earth.
Triad City Beat  |  Eric Ginsburg  |  08-10-2015  |  Culture

This ‘Mississippi’ or That One?new

Education, health, you name it. People will shrug and say, "This is Mississippi," expecting it to be the last in everything good and first at all things bad.
Jackson Free Press  |  Brian Gordon  |  08-07-2015  |  Culture

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