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Can Alexi Giannoulias Make it to Washington, D.C.?new

Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias leads the pack of Democrats running for U.S. Senate, but can he overcome criticisms concerning his time at the family bank and in office?
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  01-21-2010  |  Politics

Would You Vote for Roland Burris?new

Illinois voters have been asked this question repeatedly. Usually the answer is no.
Chicago Reader  |  Ben Joravsky  |  01-12-2009  |  Politics

Pat Quinn: Illinois Governor in Waitingnew

As Illinois lawmakers consider impeachment of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, his lieutenant governor prepares to go from maverick to main man.
Illinois Times  |  R.L. Nave  |  12-19-2008  |  Politics

Illinois GOP Wunderkind Wants to Schock the Systemnew

At age 27, Aaron Schock has held elected office for more than a third of his life. Now the boy wonder of the Illinois Republican party is poised to become the nation's youngest congressman.
Illinois Times  |  R.L. Nave  |  10-06-2008  |  Politics

The Browning of the Green Partynew

Despite conflict between environmentalists and the immigrants' rights movement, congressional candidate Omar Lopez thinks the Greens could supplant the Democrats as Latinos' party of choice.
Chicago Reader  |  Kari Lydersen  |  08-18-2008  |  Politics

Growing Green Party Aims to Gain Nationally What it Won in Illinois in 2006new

Although Cynthia McKinney pays lip service to the idea that she could overtake Barack Obama and John McCain, her goal is to win at least 5 percent of the national vote, which would establish the Green Party nationally, making it eligible for federal matching grants in future elections. Breaking through that canopy will be anything but a walk in the park.
Illinois Times  |  R.L. Nave  |  07-21-2008  |  Politics

Daniel Biss is Banking on the Netrootsnew

Online fund-raising has proved startlingly successful for the independent-minded Democrat who hopes to be an Illinois state representative.
Chicago Reader  |  Harold Henderson  |  08-20-2007  |  Politics

The Other Debatenew

The Illinois Green Party's gubernatorial candidate says he represents the state's majority.
Illinois Times  |  R.L. Nave  |  10-06-2006  |  Politics

Law Aims to Shut Down Missouri's Meth Labsnew

New restrictions on sales of cold-medicine tablets that contain ingredients used to make methamphetamines may dry up mom-and-pop meth labs but could open the door to more organized crime.
Riverfront Times  |  Malcolm Gay  |  07-12-2005  |  Politics

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