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Jarvis Cocker Takes Delight in 'Knowing All This is Crap'new

I could talk to Cocker on a plane, I could talk to him on a train, and I could talk to him about blues music being "used to sell a hell of a lot of cars" in the passenger seat of an Audi tearing back to SF from Point Reyes, via iPhone and earplugs, while tapping on the trusty laptop. He's that good, that much of a closet mensch keeping it as real as a man of style and taste can.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Kimberly Chun  |  07-22-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Andre Dubus Ill Gets Pulpynew

Dubus III, who also wrote House of Sand and Fog, has achieved some Houdini-caliber misdirection, and his third act may bring you tumbling to the ground.
Willamette Week  |  John Minervini  |  06-25-2008  |  Fiction

GLBT Youth and the Stifling of Discussion of Gay Sexualitynew

The queer community's fight for same-sex marriage, combined with revived AIDS hysteria, is shortchanging gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth by stifling discussion of gay sexuality.
Boston Phoenix  |  Michael Bronski  |  03-28-2005  |  LGBT

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