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Warwick Stone is the Hard Rock's King of Collectorsnew

Walking through one room on the sixth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel is a crash course in half a century of popular music. Stone is the man responsible for all this music memorabilia.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  T.R. Witcher  |  05-16-2008  |  Music

Tony Horwitz Shows Folks What They Didn't Know in 'A Voyage Long and Strange'new

The book's chief attraction, even more than its historical revelations about discovering North America, lies in armchair traveling with a personable, entertaining companion.
Shepherd Express  |  Roger K. Miller  |  05-09-2008  |  Nonfiction

The Next Generationnew

Today, I'm starring in a sitcom pilot called Ruff Times, an updated version of the famous television series Good Times.
Jackson Free Press  |  Sue Doh Nem  |  05-08-2008  |  History

Texas' Founding Contribution to Fast-Food Culture Hangs Onnew

Almost nine decades after the chain was born, only one Pig Stand remains, old No. 29 on Broadway in San Antonio. In its faded, pastel glory, it lingers like the last of an ancient species, rescued from the limbo of bankruptcy court, crouched below the interstate.
The Texas Observer  |  John MacCormack  |  05-07-2008  |  Food+Drink

UNLV Prof Questions Science Behind Finding African Ancestorsnew

Rainier Spencer, the founder and director of UNLV's Afro-American Studies Program, thinks programs offering to link American blacks to their African lineage through DNA (for a fee) are a black-on-black rip-off, since they commercialize a promise they can't truly keep.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Damon Hodge  |  05-02-2008  |  Race & Class

Young Statesman Guiding Today’s Youthnew

With wonderful illustrations and poignant storytelling, the acclaimed Young Patriots Series offers a fascinating look at one of the more interesting Founding Fathers of the United States of America. An architect of the Constitution, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and a participant in a legendary political duel, Alexander Hamilton is a captivating historical figure.
Metro Spirit  |  Jason Sumerau  |  04-27-2008  |  Fiction

South Carolina's Racist History Should Not Be Sanitizednew

Tearing down statues of white supremacists isn't the answer. Assembling an accurate record, no matter how ugly, violent and bloody, and letting people reach their own conclusions -- that's how we'll learn rather than being spoon-fed a sanitized version of the past.
Charleston City Paper  |  D.A. Smith  |  04-23-2008  |  Race & Class

Meet the Klansman Who Helped to Found Orange Countynew

How Dr. Henry William Head's KKK membership was wiped from the Orange County history books is really a story of how local scholars highlight selected parts of our story.
OC Weekly  |  Gustavo Arellano  |  04-22-2008  |  History

War Zones, Shipwrecks and Romance Caught on Cassettenew

What follows are excerpts from three tales, discovered on discarded cassette tapes. Three men, at different stages in their lives, reflect on relationships -- with their parents, with strangers in a strange land and even with a buzzing 1920s city named Detroit.
Metro Times  |  Rebecca Mazzei  |  04-22-2008  |  Culture

Forty Years After His Death, King's Legacy Lives Onnew

Like Dec. 7, 1941, Nov. 22, 1963, and Sept. 11, 2001, April 4, 1968 is a date that's forever etched upon many people's minds.
Isthmus  |  David Medaris  |  04-08-2008  |  History

Race Against Timenew

The scramble to save Augusta's last remaining black theater is on. And although it has been bought, the road back from the ravages of time is anything but smooth.
Metro Spirit  |  Michael Thames  |  03-12-2008  |  History

Going Greennew

From recent immigrants to established families, Augustans define what it means to be Irish in America.
Metro Spirit  |  Stacey Hudson  |  03-12-2008  |  History

Tearing Down the Walls at the Oakland Museumnew

Forget what you know about that history museum. With new management and a new energy, the institution is reinventing itself.
East Bay Express  |  Rachel Swan  |  03-12-2008  |  History

The ACLU in Texas -- The Early Yearsnew

On March 8, the Texas ACLU will celebrate its 70th anniversary. The Observer and the ACLU have always had a special relationship, perhaps never closer than when Dave Richards rented both organizations space in his office building in the 1970s.
The Texas Observer  |  David Richards  |  03-10-2008  |  History

Phil Van Cise: Scourge of Denver's Underworldnew

Fearless DA Phil Van Cise cleaned up Denver -- and it cost him his career. Can a new justice center right an old wrong?
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  02-12-2008  |  History

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