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Getting Lost on the Neches Rivernew

Jim Schutze gets lost canoeing the Neches River, and finds the wildlife refuge Dallas wants to dam to secure its water supply.
Dallas Observer  |  Jim Schutze  |  04-27-2009  |  Environment

Beating a DWI Case May Soon Get a Lot Tougher in Dallasnew

Since last Memorial Day, the Dallas Police Department has had five "no-refusal" weekends, most recently this St. Patrick's Day. So far, 404 people have been arrested for DWI and refused a breath test. In some cases they were physically restrained and forced to give a blood sample.
Dallas Observer  |  Kimberly Thorpe  |  04-06-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Damaged Good$ Arrives Just in Time to Right the Ship of Dallas Hip-Hopnew

It's not exactly a secret that Dallas hip-hop is enjoying a serious high at the moment. But if there's an Achilles heel to this burgeoning superpower, it's in the fact that it lacks a serious self-awareness, a sense of humor about its absurdity.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Freedman  |  03-09-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Early Republic Is Dallas' Latest Retreadnew

As the electro-dance pop-rock outfit took to the stage at the House of Blues' Pontiac Garage to celebrate the official release of its new, self-titled LP, it was tough to fully get behind what the band was trying to do. Mostly because it's all been done before.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Freedman  |  02-23-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Dallas' Victory Park Struggles to Deliver a Winnew

Nearly three years after its first shops opened, Dallas' Victory Park still hasn't found itself. Even before the economy went south, the district often turned into a ghost town when the arena was dark.
Dallas Observer  |  Matt Pulle  |  02-02-2009  |  Housing & Development

Downtown Dallas at the Crossroadsnew

Dallas's effort to clean up downtown could cost the city important parts of history.
Dallas Observer  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  01-26-2009  |  Housing & Development

George W. Bush, Texas' Prodigal Son, Returnsnew

George W. Bush is returning here to live, and that means people in our community are going to have to live with him. So my question remains: How?
Dallas Observer  |  Jim Schutze  |  01-12-2009  |  Commentary

Laying Down the Unwelcome Mat for Bushnew

The Bushes, W. and Laura, are moving into our 'hood. OK, not exactly our neighborhood, but in the same ZIP code and four miles to the east.
Dallas Observer  |  Patrick Williams  |  12-15-2008  |  Commentary

Black Tie Dynasty Steps Past Its Hatersnew

Even though the band is just now releasing its first follow-up full-length since Movements, it just might be the most polarizing band in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Freedman  |  12-15-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

How County Chair Jonathan Neerman Plans to Ease the Dallas GOP's Woesnew

Although Neerman offers no apologies, he knows that frustration within the party is at an all-time high, and people are searching for someone to blame. Rather than hide in his cushy downtown office while the GOP faithful grab their pitchforks, Neerman decided instead to schedule an open-mic night and confront his detractors face to face.
Dallas Observer  |  Sam Merten  |  12-08-2008  |  Politics

Dallas Hip-Hop: Swagger Like Usnew

Local artists make waves with D-Town Boogie, but the real test comes in 14 months.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Freedman  |  12-01-2008  |  Music

'Dallas' Cast Reunion Leaves Fans Southforkednew

Thirty years after Dallas, fans worldwide came, saw and were conquered.
Dallas Observer  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  11-25-2008  |  Movies

Dallas' Letot Center Helps to Stop the Sex Tradenew

Every week, the Center takes in girls as young as 13 who are part of a thriving underground sex trade that stretches from Miami to Los Angeles.
Dallas Observer  |  Jesse Hyde  |  11-17-2008  |  Sex

Turning Houston Bluenew

If Democrats hope to once again win statewide elections in Texas, they first must takeover the state's biggest city. Toward that end, Dems are pouring lots of money into a coordinated campaign to sweep Harris County this year. And everything was seemingly going their way -- until Hurricane Ike hit.
The Texas Observer  |  Dave Mann  |  10-22-2008  |  Politics

Dallas Independent School District is in the Holenew

Teachers get axed and parents fret as Dallas' school leaders scramble to cover a budget hole.
Dallas Observer  |  Jim Schutze and Robert Wilonsky  |  10-14-2008  |  Education

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