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Stealth Zealotnew

Arizona's other U.S. senator makes Dubya look like a liberal.
Phoenix New Times  |  Robert Nelson  |  04-17-2006  |  Politics

Plundering the Faithfulnew

Arizona polygamists continue to pipe big money to fugitive prophet Warren Jeffs, even as their towns face financial ruin.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dougherty  |  01-04-2006  |  Religion

Forbidden Fruitnew

Inbreeding among polygamists along the Arizona-Utah border is producing a caste of severely retarded and deformed children.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dougherty  |  01-04-2006  |  Science

Wisdom of the Ancestorsnew

A Hopi leader fought a lonely battle to stop a mining company from stealing water that helped build Phoenix. He succeeded--finally.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dougherty  |  12-09-2005  |  Race & Class

Founder of Program for Catholic Teens Bustednew

Monsignor Dale Fushek faces 10 misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct with boys and young men.
Phoenix New Times  |  Robert Nelson  |  12-09-2005  |  Religion

A Judge Takes a Standnew

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office declared war on a respected judge after he called a prosecutor's actions racist.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin  |  12-09-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Saving Moms on Methnew

Methamphetamine is arguably the toughest addiction to kick, but research shows that mothers placed in long-term residential treatment along with their young child or children have the highest rate of recovery.
Phoenix New Times  |  Robert Nelson  |  11-29-2005  |  Science

Wanted: Armed and Dangerousnew

As the FBI chases polygamist Prophet Warren Jeffs, work continues 24/7 on his religion's foreboding new Texas capital.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dougherty  |  11-16-2005  |  Religion

Brother of Fugitive Fundamentalist Mormon Prophet Arrestednew

Seth Steed Jeffs, 32, was carrying at least $142,000 in cash when he was arrested, police claim, and has been charged with concealing his older brother, polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs, from arrest.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dougherty  |  11-08-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Ambulance Chasersnew

Winning ambulance contracts? Pat Cantelme is learning that it's all about who you know. (Unless it's about the dirt they've got on you.)
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  11-01-2005  |  Business & Labor

Postcards from the U.S.-Mexican Bordernew

Three friends passed out a few hundred disposable cameras and persuaded migrants to take pictures of their adventure crossing the desert. They hope to exhibit the results in art galleries.
Phoenix New Times  |  Jimmy Magahern  |  10-25-2005  |  Immigration

Mold Attacks!new

If school officials in Gilbert, Arizona had played straight, Mesquite Junior High kids and teachers would have run for their lives. Numerous students, teachers and maintenance workers believe they were made ill by mold in the building.
Phoenix New Times  |  Robert Nelson  |  10-18-2005  |  Science

Jockey Phenomenon Bounces Back From Bad Breaknew

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Kaenel, who broke his neck in Phoenix, Ariz., is back on the track and winning.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  10-14-2005  |  Sports

Mystery of Chief Financial Officer's Death Deepensnew

Phoenix CFO Kevin Keogh didn't dive to his death off his moving Mercedes because of a brain parasite, as city officials previously contended.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dougherty  |  10-04-2005  |  Politics

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