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Florida: The Weirdest Place in America—and a Perfect Stage for the GOPnew

Even without Herman Cain and that baleful basilisk Mrs. Bachmann, the Republicans refused to be upstaged by the cavalcade of nightmares that's standard fare in the Sunshine State. They showed us they belonged here.
INDY Week  |  Hal Crowther  |  03-22-2012  |  Commentary

Happytown: RIP Billy Maysnew

Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy freaking Mays; all these people we've grown up with taking the dirt nap, all within days (or hours) of each other. In the wake of all of this bad news we almost overlooked the most recent economic forecast released by UCF prognosticator Sean Snaith. But we didn't.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman and Billy Manes  |  07-02-2009  |  Commentary

Conservatives Tell the GOP to Butt Out of the Florida Senate Primarynew

The national media has cast the brouhaha over Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's Senate candidacy as a battle for the soul of a Republican Party in decline, a fight between the conservative and moderate wings of the GOP.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman  |  05-28-2009  |  Politics

Raul Martinez Beat Himself in Race to Replace Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balartnew

When Martinez returned from the Democratic National Convention in August, it seemed he had Diaz-Balart cornered. But Diaz-Balart pulled it out, in part due to an expensive, Lee Atwater-style attack campaign that made the contest less about change and more about Martinez's scandalous past.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Francisco Alvarado  |  11-18-2008  |  Politics

Fear of the Queer: Blacks in Florida Vote to Oppress Gaysnew

It's one of the great paradoxes in American politics. The black community, the most oppressed group in U.S. history, has traditionally comprised the most unfriendly demographic toward gays, arguably the second-most-discriminated-against group.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Bob Norman  |  11-18-2008  |  Politics

Obama Wins, and So Does South Floridanew

It's a victory just to have an election pass without a local embarrassment.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Staff  |  11-11-2008  |  Politics

Obama's Florida Gamble Pays Offnew

McCain was too late. The new prez spent heavily in Florida and eked out victory here.
Miami New Times  |  Tristam Korten  |  11-10-2008  |  Politics

Florida Green Party Candidates Were GOP Moles, Suit Claimsnew

Five Green Party candidates ran similarly mysterious campaigns this year in hotly contested races around Florida. All five indicated on financial disclosure forms that they loaned themselves money, even though most of them were broke. Few of them were willing to speak to the press or to representatives of their own party.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Eric Barton  |  11-04-2008  |  Politics

Presidential Election Could Spur Voter Fraud in Miami-Dade Countynew

If you believe Nilo Juri, the eye of Hurricane Ballot Cheat, it could get ugly.
Miami New Times  |  Francisco Alvarado  |  11-03-2008  |  Politics

Happytown's Endorsementsnew

You may not have heard, but there's an election coming up Nov. 4. Suddenly you're asking yourself, "Who and what would my dear friends at Happytown vote for?" Wonder no longer. It's endorsement time.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman, Billy Manes, Deanna Morey and Bob Whitby  |  10-30-2008  |  Commentary

My Great Schlep to Florida Was More Surreal than Politicalnew

My Granny has decided on Obama without my help. She admits she was wary of Obama because she heard he was Muslim, but her friends convinced her he's Christian. Her friends also told her John McCain is just like George Bush, and when the stock market crashed, that decided things for her.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Becca Trabin  |  10-27-2008  |  Commentary

Election '08: Who Judges the Judges?new

You know nothing about local judges, but you still elect them.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman  |  10-23-2008  |  Politics

Going Inside Both Presidential Campaigns in Floridanew

I spent a week volunteering for both campaigns to get a perspective most reporters must speculate about from the outside. And because I wanted unvarnished access, not a public relations tour, I engaged in the ethically murky but necessary practice of concealing my role as a reporter.
Orlando Weekly  |  Adriana Ruiz  |  10-23-2008  |  Politics

Attorney Lawson Lamar Finally Has a Challengernew

Mercedes Leon, a 45-year-old Republican, is running against him. But she faces long odds.
Orlando Weekly  |  Billy Manes  |  10-17-2008  |  Politics

Election '08: Meet the Also-Ransnew

Third-party candidates often languish in obscurity and find it hard to raise money or even gain a place on the ballot in many states. In Florida, however, ballot access is easy. So that means come Nov. 4, you'll have a lot of choices –-- 13, to be exact, plus one write-in.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman  |  10-15-2008  |  Politics

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