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Happytown: The Sad Hobo Dance of Baked Beansnew

In an email issued on July 16, the Orlando Police Department has some tips for making sure that you do not become a victim of poor people's sticky fingers. Best among them is that you should call 911 if anybody is acting suspiciously in your line of vision, because "you, the resident, know what activity is normal for your area." There are people outside! And they are dancing!
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman and Billy Manes  |  07-24-2009  |  Commentary

Why the Demise of Florida's SunRail Isn't a Bad Thingnew

Florida's highly touted SunRail deal as presently conceived is a boondoggle, a corporate giveaway, an expensively ill-conceived effort that will subsidize exurban sprawl and do little to take cars off I-4. We can do better. SunRail's demise affords us that opportunity.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman  |  06-25-2009  |  Transportation

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