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After Ted Haggard, New Life Church Tries to Rise Againnew

New pastor Brady Boyd will avoid politics from the pulpit.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  09-04-2007  |  Religion

Mike Jones Shares His 'Art'new

It's barely been six months since this male escort from Denver brought one of the nation's most powerful evangelicals to his knees for the last time, and already the book version is about to fly off the shelves into the eager, upturned sweaty palms of the masses.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Cara DeGette  |  05-25-2007  |  Nonfiction

Which 'Example Must Be Set?'new

Pastor Ted Haggard wrote in his letter to New Life Church, "An example must be set" -- a fellow pastor agrees and responds with a great hope.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Rev. Benjamin Broadbent  |  11-13-2006  |  Commentary

Crashing Back to Earthnew

Ted Haggard's meteoric rise elevated him to the inner circles of awesome power -- and left him with quite a ways to fall.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Cara DeGette  |  11-10-2006  |  Religion

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