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Santa Barbara’s Beloved Anything-Goes Orchestra Celebrates 25 Years Togethernew

Listening to Headless Household's new double album, Basemento, the 25 in 2010 formula fits them well, because their music, which gambols freely from blue-eyed soul to wild-eyed improvisation, has never sounded more current.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Charles Donelan  |  03-15-2010  |  Concerts

Unicyclist's Affair with the Foothills: Man Drives 200 Miles to Ride Santa Barbara Trailsnew

Santa Barbara County is also a hub for mountain unicyclists, also known as MUni. One of these is the energetic and passionate Terry Peterson, a 54-year-old extreme unicyclist who frequents Santa Barbara trails even though he lives in Redondo Beach.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Jordan Lerum  |  03-01-2010  |  Sports

Lobster Loot: Chinese New Year and Weather Contribute to Record Pricesnew

Even as the specter of new and improved Marine Protected Areas threatens to impact their way of life, Santa Barbara-based lobstermen are enjoying one of their most economically successful seasons in memory.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Ethan Stewart  |  02-08-2010  |  Business & Labor

Anti-'High Rise' Initiative Sparks Lawsuitnew

A Santa Barbara architect has filed a 95-page lawsuit challenging the use of the term "high-rise" by supporters of Measure B, a proposed Santa Barbara charter amendment that purports to save downtown Santa Barbara from "high-rise" development.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Nick Welsh  |  08-03-2009  |  Housing & Development

Former Michael Jackson Producer Demands Investigation of DAnew

The Santa Barbara County district attorney and sheriff's department are being threatened with a lawsuit by Marc Schaffel, who claims that county officials leaked to the media confidential information they had obtained during the course of the pop star’s molestation trial in 2005.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Matt Kettmann  |  08-03-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Santa Barbara Officials Mull Privatized Jail Mental Health Servicesnew

Santa Barbara County's jail mental health system officially is for sale. The prospective buyer -- a private Tennessee-based prison health company -- is already lined up with a July 1 move-in date.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Benjamin Gottlieb  |  06-01-2009  |  Policy Issues

Serious Guitars in the Airnew

Later this month, the Santa Barbara Symphony presents a citywide International Guitar Festival, a grand tradition begun two years ago and bigger and better the second time around.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Josef Woodard  |  03-16-2009  |  Music

County Budget Bloodbathnew

A frightening look at what could happen if the County of Santa Barbara is forced to cut ten percent.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Chris Meagher  |  03-16-2009  |  Economy

The Gender Jump: Understanding the Transsexual Communitynew

Jessa readily admits to the challenges of her transition. "Mentally, I have had a hard time making the transition," she said. "I am leaving behind an identity; it wasn't right, but it was still what I had been for 35 years."
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Michael Seabaugh  |  02-23-2009  |  Sex

Comeback Kids: 2009 in Santa Barbara Musicnew

A new year brings with it plenty of artists ripe and ready to crawl out of the woodwork and back onto the stage. So far, it seems like 2009 is no different than those years that came before it, with a boatload of old favorites preparing themselves for another round of musical takeover.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Aly Comingore  |  02-02-2009  |  Music

Learning to Live with Fire in Santa Barbaranew

We love living right on the edge of one of the world's most scenic backdrops, but the privilege brings with it the potential for catastrophic disaster most any time the weather turns hot and the wind blows dry.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Ray Ford  |  09-30-2008  |  Disasters

Burned by the Gap: Not Everyone Escaped Goleta Blaze Unscathednew

Much of the community breathed a sigh of relief when the Gap Fire entered its final days, having only claimed a few outbuildings and some lemon and avocado orchards. Not everybody was fortunate, however, as residents of the county's wilderness-adjacent communities can attest.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Ben Preston and Kathleen Zaratzian  |  08-05-2008  |  Disasters

Chaos and Competition Cause Santa Barbara Cabbies to Fear for Their Futurenew

Despite the hard work of taxicab drivers to keep the city safe at night and moving during the day, they're complaining that they're being treated as second-class citizens by City Hall, which has approved unprecedented numbers of taxi companies and cabs in recent years yet done little to accommodate the growth.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Matt Kettmann  |  07-28-2008  |  Transportation

Santa Barbara Record Label and Recording Studio Tackle the Corporate Mentalitynew

Behind the scenes at Santa Barbara's Corporate Nightmare Records.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Brett Leigh Dicks  |  07-28-2008  |  Music

Federal Homeless Official Tours Santa Barbara Housingnew

Philip Mangano, executive director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, is on a multi-city tour of the US touting permanent housing as the solution to homelessness that will relegate it to the dustbin of history.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Martha Sadler  |  07-14-2008  |  Housing & Development

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