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Dallas' Hottest Musical Export: Mall Punknew

For lack of a better descriptor, these acts are the latest proprietors of the mall punk scene, performing power pop, for the most part, and music that's been influenced heavily by the pop-punk sounds of the late '90s and the emo sounds of the early '00s. And their choice of genre is indicative of a greater trend happening here in Dallas and beyond.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Freedman  |  06-15-2009  |  Music

Green Day Breaks Down 21st-Century Politicsnew

21st Century Breakdown proves that Green Day still has the power to rally the troops, even without a specific enemy to fight against. The band has been vaulted to mainstream punk's socially conscious mouthpiece, and the trio's Bay Area lefty ideals are as lofty as its songwriting gestures.
SF Weekly  |  Jennifer Maerz  |  05-14-2009  |  Reviews

Jackson Pop-Punkers At Cliffs End Know How to Go Through Vansnew

In the less than two years since the band formed and began touring, the group has seen one burn due to wiring problems, another destroyed when they collided with a tree, and a third is currently under repair.
Jackson Free Press  |  Candace Parker  |  12-29-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

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