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Baltimore City Paper Photo Editor Beaten by Police While Covering Protestnew

City Paper Photo Editor J.M. Giordano was tackled and beaten by Baltimore City police while covering protests over the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.
Baltimore City Paper  |  04-27-2015  2:00 pm  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Acquired By Baltimore Sun Media Group

The Baltimore Sun Media Group — a subsidiary of the Tribune Company — publishes the daily Baltimore Sun, as well as several other Baltimore-area community newspapers and magazines. (FULL STORY)
Baltimore City Paper  |  02-20-2014  11:30 am  |  Industry News

Times-Shamrock Puts Alt-Weekly Division Up For Sale

The Times-­Shamrock Communications alternative weekly division includes Baltimore City Paper, Cleveland Scene, Metro Times, Orlando Weekly, and San Antonio Current. (FULL STORY)
Times-Shamrock  |  08-26-2013  1:25 pm  |  Press Releases

SF Weekly Loses Super Bowl Bet With Baltimore City Papernew

SF Weekly managing editor Brandon Reynolds makes good on bet by penning "An Ode to Baltimore" and posing in Ravens gear.
Baltimore City Paper  |  02-06-2013  4:00 pm  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Names Evan Serpick as Editor

Serpick replaces longtime editor Lee Gardner, who left to become senior editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-25-2012  5:57 pm  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Editor Lee Gardner To Departnew

Gardner is leaving on April 27 to become a senior editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education.
The Baltimore Sun  |  03-29-2012  3:24 pm  |  Industry News

What Is an Alt-Weekly?new

For decades, alt-weeklies defined themselves in opposition to mainstream media. But with the rise of the web, both dailies and alts have had to redefine themselves in unexpected and often uncomfortable ways.
Baltimore City Paper  |  03-28-2012  10:40 am  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Cleared in Libel Casenew

Maryland’s high­est court has upheld lower courts' dis­missals of a four-year-old libel suit filed against Baltimore City Paper.
Baltimore City Paper  |  01-24-2012  11:53 am  |  Legal News

Besty is Back!new

Baltimore City Paper's personified newsstand has returned.
Baltimore City Paper  |  09-29-2011  3:52 pm  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Names Jennifer Marsh As Publisher

Marsh takes over for longtime publisher Don Farley, who is moving on to assume the regional general manager position at Times-Shamrock Communications. (FULL STORY)
Baltimore City Paper  |  08-15-2011  11:35 am  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Publisher Don Farley To Depart

Don Farley, group publisher of the Times-Shamrock Alternative Newsweekly Group and publisher of Baltimore City Paper, has accepted a promotion as the new Regional General Manager of Times-Shamrock's daily operations. (FULL STORY)
Times Shamrock Communications  |  07-26-2011  3:02 pm  |  Press Releases

Best Disclosure Ever? Baltimore City Paper Reporter Bought Pot From Story Subjectnew

Baltimore City Paper reporter Van Smith's article on a local record store owner who pleaded guilty to "possession with intent to distribute cocaine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone," included a disclosure that the author had previously purchased marijuana from the store.
Romenesko  |  03-29-2011  5:18 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Today's Bouncy Loon: Joe MacLeodnew

Baltimore City Paper art director Joe MacLeod has been named to The Awl's "20 People To Follow On Twitter" list.
The Awl  |  02-11-2011  11:51 am  |  Honors & Achievements

SPD Features Another Set of 'Relentlessly Creative' AltWeekly Covers

As a follow-up to his Top 10 Alternative Newsweekly Covers of 2010 post earlier this week, SPD's Robert Newman is featuring another two sets of what he calls "relentlessly creative, original, and provocative cover designs." (FULL STORY)
Society of Publication Designers  |  01-07-2011  12:50 pm  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Ordered to Pay $350,000 in Defamation Verdictnew

Miami restaurant owner Ioannis Kafouros was misidentified as a federal fugitive in a 2008 article.
The Daily Record (Md.)  |  09-28-2010  12:41 pm  |  Legal News