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Thumbs Down: Foul Play Pedophilianew

The Penn State pedophilia debacle is mirrored far and wide, including here in the Hoosier State where the parents of an athlete on a local swim team are suing.
NUVO  |  NUVO Editors  |  11-23-2011  |  Commentary

Graham Vickers Examines the Causes and Consequences of 'Lolita'new

Less concerned with text than context, Vickers provides a lively account of the climate in which the novel was produced and received.
San Antonio Current  |  Steven G. Kellman  |  08-13-2008  |  Nonfiction

J. Gary Mitchell's Puppets Fight Pedophilianew

Mitchell, a soft-spoken 70-year-old with a dapper white mustache, has been directing and producing short educational movies for three decades, creating characters who warn against smoking and drinking. But his specialty since 1985's What Tadoo is gently informing children about sexual abuse.
Willamette Week  |  Aaron Mesh  |  07-23-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

'Wanted and Desired' Takes Aim at Roman Polanski and the Culture of Celebritynew

Some critics will probably deride Wanted and Desired as pure hagiography, or worse yet, a legitimization of Polanski's crimes and subsequent fugitive status. But Zenovich's intentions circumnavigate any idol worship, as her refusal to err toward his guilt or exoneration makes clear.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Erik Morse  |  07-23-2008  |  Reviews

Was Roman Polanski a Pedophile?new

Along its winding road to crucifying the American judiciary, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired grinds some very blunt axes, makes some dizzying leaps to judgment and does a lot of silly editing with movie clips.
L.A. Weekly  |  Ella Taylor  |  07-18-2008  |  Reviews

The Phantom Menacenew

Seattle's most famous Star Wars enthusiast had a secret life.
Seattle Weekly  |  Philip Dawdy  |  10-04-2006  |  Culture

Outing Cardinal Egannew

A priest's lawsuit alleges the Catholic Church is hiding pedophile clergy -- and offers a stunning reason why.
The Village Voice  |  Kristen Lombardi  |  02-08-2006  |  Religion

Family Tiesnew

Ex-members of a cult that once advocated sex between adults and children want the group's leaders exposed and punished.
Houston Press  |  Craig Malisow  |  11-22-2005  |  Religion

Why the King of Pop Will Moonwalknew

Michael Jackson will get off. Faced with a superstar pleading for mercy, jurors would almost always rather have an autographed head shot than a clipping saying they sent said star to his or her doom.
The Village Voice  |  Michael Musto  |  02-10-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Catholic Church Tries to Keep Court Documents Zipped Upnew

San Francisco Archbishop William Levada doesn't want the public to know about decades of alleged sexual misconduct by his clerics. But why are district attorneys in San Mateo, Marin and San Francisco helping him keep secrets?
SF Weekly  |  Ron Russell  |  01-24-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Sins of Past Haunt a Father

A California-based group that exposes sexual misconduct by Orthodox priests and monks ousts a New Mexico monk with a dark past.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Brendan L Smith  |  06-09-2004  |  Crime & Justice

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