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War Is Over! If You Want Itnew

Six years and $600 billion later, more than 4,250 Americans and at least 91,000 Iraqi civilians are dead, many more are maimed or crippled and the nation's economy spirals toward ruin. For those concerned with peace, now is the time to march again.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Joe Piasecki  |  03-24-2009  |  War

Against the War? Shun the Democrats & Push Peace Dealnew

Many of the most prominent antiwar voices say that if activists want to end the war, they should simply pick a candidate who is not John McCain and help them win. They can sort out the details after the Republicans are evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This is a serious strategic mistake.
NOW Magazine  |  Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill  |  03-28-2008  |  War

How to Kill a Warnew

Lobbyists sketch a 10-point strategy for the peace movement.
The Village Voice  |  Jarrett Murphy  |  05-03-2006  |  War

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