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A Call For Actionnew

While Massachusetts ranks as only 15th in the country in population, the state ranks 5th in opiate-overdose deaths. In fact more people die in Massachusetts from opiate abuse than from car accidents.
Worcester Magazine  |  Jeremy Shulkin  |  08-30-2011  |  Drugs

Shock the Junkienew

Can a hallucinogen help addicts kick hard drugs?
Riverfront Times  |  Keegan Hamilton  |  11-16-2010  |  Science

New Habitsnew

Ex-heroin addict David Mitchell teaches people in recovery how to help themselves.
Monday Magazine  |  Danielle Pope  |  09-27-2010  |  Drugs


It's cheap. it's deadly, and teens think it's no big deal.
Gambit  |  Matt Davis  |  09-13-2010  |  Drugs

FDA Late to Fight Rampant Abuse of OxyContinnew

An estimated 70 percent of Central Coast heroin addicts start out on pharmaceuticals like OxyContin. Now, after widespread abuse, the FDA is looking to clamp down on drug makers. For Stefan R., a recovering addict, the efforts are too little, too late.
Good Times Santa Cruz  |  Curtis Cartier  |  12-17-2009  |  Drugs

Junkie Town: Santa Cruz's Heroin Problemnew

In the woods just outside Santa Cruz, heroin is laying waste to a hidden population.
Good Times Santa Cruz  |  Curtis Cartier  |  12-02-2009  |  Drugs

Smack Time: Is There Really a New Heroin Epidemic?new

A spate of recent media reports have claimed that America -- and especially the New York metro area -- is suffering from a terrifying new heroin epidemic. Curious, I decided to revisit a world that had once held me in its clutches for so long. This time around, I brought along a notebook and a clear head.
New York Press  |  Matt Harvey  |  10-22-2009  |  Drugs

Colorado School District Considers Drug Testing Studentsnew

Parents might have a tough time dealing with estimates of rampant drug use in our high schools, but they also need to know that the solutions start at home.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Kirksten Akens  |  08-13-2009  |  Drugs

Heroin Use on the Rise in Wisconsinnew

Heroin has always had a presence in southeastern Wisconsin, and there have always been some hardcore users in the area. But things changed in the 1990s, when Colombian cocaine traffickers saw the profits that Asian producers were making on heroin, primarily China White.
Shepherd Express  |  Lisa Kaiser  |  09-26-2008  |  Drugs

How Sonny Rollins Defeated Heroinnew

In his six-decade career, the legendary saxophonist has claimed many a triumph. But his greatest may have come in the 1950s, during a quiet period in Chicago.
Chicago Reader  |  Neil Tesser  |  09-02-2008  |  Music

True Hollywood Storynew

Gladiator director Ridley Scott glams up the life of Harlem heroin distributor Frank Lucas.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Joe MacLeod  |  11-08-2007  |  Reviews

Property Co-Owned by Actress Tied to Alleged Drug Ringnew

A Feb. 2 indictment of 13 men who federal prosecutors say are involved in a violent Baltimore drug conspiracy called the Rice Organization seeks forfeiture of co-conspirators’ assets—including an East Baltimore property that state records show is co-owned by movie actress Jada Pinkett-Smith.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Van Smith  |  02-11-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Gettin' Naked for Needlesnew

Short of funds, the Bay Area's Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution project created a calendar called "Hotties of Harm Reduction," featuring seductive photos of clean-needle advocates.
East Bay Express  |  Justin Berton  |  12-20-2004  |  Science

Singer's Oceanfront Home Is Still a Musical Meccanew

Herbert Tobin owns the five-bedroom home at 461 Ocean Boulevard in Golden Beach, Fla., that Eric Clapton named an album for. He hates telling pilgrims from as far away as Japan that they can't see Clapton; he's long gone.
Miami New Times  |  Brett Sokol  |  12-13-2004  |  Music

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